21 June 2008

51 down - 49 to go!!

The small snowflakes I'm working on are only teeny tiny ones - 10 minutes a snowflake!!! I sort of 'race and pace' myself when doing these so they go faster than usual!!!

Yesterday I made a couple (or was it three?) roly poly bags and have thought of two improvements to the pouches. Major improvements to the two shuttle one which will ......... I'll show you when I've made one!!!

Now another thing which has shaken tat land during the past few days has been somebody who has been taking images from other's sites/blogs etc and using them to publish 'her' e-book. Not only doing this without permission but also charging for patterns (when you eventually get to the 'nitty gritty') that are already in the public domain!!! She would have you believe that the images she's using are the patterns in the book. Very misleading. In the UK we have a very good law which is the 'Trade Descriptions Act'. This means that if she lived here she would be in major trouble. Also charging $27 for something which is available for free AND not refunding a purchasers money as promised if they're dissatisfied is downright criminal.
If you want this lady's (or man's) email address and further information please ask me for it. DON'T buy any online patters from anywhere before reading the small print and asking around first.

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Unknown said...

Hi Jane, Good for you for the heads up on "the tatting Theif!". I've been thinking of doing a post on it myself just so that newbies and people who are just finding out about tatting might who might fall prey to trying to buy her scam of an ebook.

Well, when you get a chance I'd love to see what your blizzard of snowflakes looks like! Happy Tatting!

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