17 June 2008

Simply a teaser!!

I thought I'd just show a picture of what the bonus is for TIAS 3!!! As this game is on url's it can be started and completed at any time. There are now 70 ladies up in cyberspace with a few more promised. Now, as you know, I did say there would be a bonus and a few were expecting the man to go with the lady. I thought I might just add a picture of the bonus to this to this blog to show you what everybody who has completed got. Just the picture, mind, not the pattern - you have to earn it!! DO I LOVE teasing?!?!?
I can see this little family being great for kids clothes, on cards or just little giveaways.
I've just added the lamb to a 'bonus bonus' page. This is Martha's and I've added it to a another page to save you printing off all the others again!!!! It can be reached from the bonus page!!!!
I also must mention before I go that the TIAS will still be accessible from this page forever or until I run out of space on the server!!!


Jeff Hamilton said...

I am so glad that Martha has shared the pattern for her lamb. And thank you for hosting it. I will have to make the lamb as well.

Unknown said...

Very cute little family, Jane. :)

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

This is beyond wonderful Jane. Now that my tatting supplies have arrived I need to start this.
I love the family!

Needledreams said...

Aw... They are so cute! I need to kick myself and finish my dolly. She's waiting for her hairdo.

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