5 November 2021

Another bookmark

No I'm not fixated on these but really want to get a few done for my stash.  This is back to the Flowery one which can be found here.

Meanwhile back in the knitting corner slow progress is being made on the second front of the waistcoat.  As I've been doing bookmarks and leaves I've not had time (or inclination) to do much knitting!!!

4 November 2021

More and more!!

Having made about half of the leaves required for Nita I'm now thinking of making some for myself to turn into a necklace.  I'll use oranges and browns to make a bit of a change of colour!!!  
If I get started at about half past seven in the evening I can make two leaves before bedtime!!  

To follow this pattern I use the pdf file on my iPad and follow the lines round using 'markup'.  I rub the pencil out when I've finished and that's the end of that!!!  Also for the last chain I use this method which leaves me with just one end to sew in and no knots!!!  

I’ve been asked about the idea of converting jeans into a skirt and have found if you put in a Google search there are several Youtube videos including this one and also this tutorial on Wikihow.

3 November 2021

A thank you

Well at the last minute I changed my mind and last Friday's bookmark is still with me!!  The pattern for this one is here.

Instead I made one out of the threads that the lady gave me.  I think she was quite surprised.  

2 November 2021

More of the same

BUT different colours.  
I gave you the link to the basic pattern by Ruth Scharf yesterday but here it is again.

I've been asked for about a dozen of these leaves by a friend who lives in Tasmania.  Yes, they'll be going round to t'other side of the planet!!!  

She's converting a pair of jeans into a skirt and wants to add these to it.  I've done her a couple of leaves in the past for another project of hers but this amended pattern (thank you, Judith) is a delight to work.

Now you can guess what I'll be doing sometime in the future.  Yes, converting jeans to skirts!!!!  Well, one pair anyway!!! 

Here are the day before yesterday's leaves along with yesterday's!!!  Things are rocking and rolling along!

1 November 2021

Monday moan

Today's moan isn't so much a moan but a groan!!!  

Back in ancient history, when I learned to tat, the old Penelope and Coats booklets never told the tatter how much thread they needed to wind onto the shuttles to make the design.  In 'those' days they hedged their bets and often put 'two balls of ......' and left it at that.  

Remember that back in those days too you were never told to use two shuttles.  Why? Well because split rings hadn't come into general use so two shuttles weren't needed.  After all, what's wrong with a shuttle and a ball if that's all you actually need  Oh, one thing I might add here is that if you're going to keep dropping the ball and it keeps running away then perhaps the ball thread wound onto a shuttle will solve that problem!!!

I feel nowadays that I 'need' to put quantities on for each shuttle but I never would dream of doing that, unless asked, as I find adding in new threads is no problem AT ALL.  No knots needed either.  

So to work out how much thread is needed I usually tat a final motif (or whatever) having measured the thread onto the shuttles.  I note the quantity on the them and then make the item.  After I've finished I take the amount left over from the original quantity and that's it!!!  

BUT, of course, different tatters work at different tensions so I always allow extra for 'loose' tatters.  BUT I still don't think it always works!!  Now I'm moaning as I hate doing that last bit for a pattern!!!!

The leaves are from Ruth Scharf's design which is to be found here although there are slight modifications as suggested by Judith Connor.

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.