4 September 2019

The outbound flight

I actually composed this post just after passing over Lands End in Cornwall on Monday afternoon.  I wrote it in ‘notes’ on my iPad and have just remembered it!  BC3 is still suffering from jet lag. 

I’d just had a glass (in a plastic ‘glass’) of wine and was beyond tired having left home at ‘silly o’clock’ many many hours ago and facing another nine hours in the tin can (aeroplane) before arriving in Atlanta to see Sandra’s wonderful smile.

I wanted to tell you about my layover in Paris. When I travel I’m very content to be on my own and not communicate with people. Well except for the odd giggle or comment. I sat at my departure gate with my Dora Young ‘out and about’ doily. 

I hadn’t been there long when a lady came up to me (she lives in Atlanta) and knew exactly what I was doing. Her parents still live in India and she thought that tatting wasn’t done there. I soon put her right! 

I didn’t get her name but she asked for mine and I showed her my web site. I think she said she could tat so I hope she gets in touch. She was beautiful in looks with a personality to match and a joy to talk to. 

Pictures below from my flight from Birmingham to Paris.

2 September 2019

By the time you read this

I’ll be on the way to America, I hope. 

I’m writing this post on Sunday afternoon having got the house ready to leave as much as I possibly can!! I’ve mown the grass, done the hoovering and the responsibility of other things has been almost handed over.  

I’ve checked in online, got my boarding passes digitally and also printed (that’s me - belt and braces) and my passport/e-tickets are ready in the carryon bag.  That lovely bag cost me £3.00 around twelve years ago (at a guess!) from Poundstretcher and I find it the best thing to take as it sits under the seat in front of me so I can get things out (or put them back) as and when needed.  Saves struggling to lift things into the overhead lockers.

The suitcase and carryon are packed (see below) and I’m raring to go. Palmetto HERE I COME.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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