4 March 2022

Sad or happy?

Sad that this is the end of another ball of thread but happy that I COULD allow myself to buy more.

BUT I can't because I have a lot of thread that needs using first!!! I'm keeping a tight lid on my stash building and am making BC3 use what we've got first!!! 

So, happy that I'm getting closer to being allowed to buy more but sad to see another empty nest!!!!

3 March 2022

Another cushion square

Now this one turned out to be really bright and cheerful and the weather was just right for taking a photo outside on the grass.  Other people have lawns - we have grass!!!  Why?  Well it's full of all sorts of weeds and 'stuff' and I'm not really bothered whether they're there or not!!!  I love mowing the grass but other than that it does what it wants to do!!  Live and let live!!!!

I need one more square now and then it'll be time to put them all together!!!

2 March 2022

A Square in a square

I love my little Fandango square which you can find here and it has been changed into many other patterns like the heart, the bookmark, the coaster and the edging to name but a few.  

I was thinking about doing another square pattern but wanted something a little different this time.  I wanted a wonky square.  Well I wanted a square in a square but not in the usual way.  The first place to start, I'm afraid, was the Fandango square.  Well it had to be altered of course!!!  Life ain't that simple!!  Then I had to get BC3 to cooperate too as it was a sort of difficult to get a corner in the middle of a side and  a side instead of a corner!!!

I DID it way back last year but due to an influx of dragons it got forgotten!!

Oh, it works fine when it's joined to others too!!!

1 March 2022

Green Coats motifs

So I got a move on with this Coats design.  Here is the centre of this pattern (see below) and this is what it's finally going to be.  Well, that's a lie because it's not!!!

I know that if I go any further I'll run out of thread but that's not the only reason.  I really don't like it as it's too fussy for me. It took me a long time to work out the joins too as it's written in 'old fashioned' notation. This form of writing patterns was what I started the craft with and they were no real problem back in those days because they were all the same.

I remember that there was one very pretty butterfly in a French book that I have which, of course, I had to translate to English first.  In those days computers weren't thought of and I had to work it all out with a pen and paper only to find that there was a big mistake in it!!  So that's why I'm wary of the old notation now!!!  I digress.

I will now look for another colour of thread that I have plenty of in my stash and will start again but with  a LOT fewer picots!!!

28 February 2022

Calling all dragons

It's been almost a week since number 71 arrived in my inbox.  I'm wondering if there are anymore to come in?
I thought there would be more than this as we were going along but maybe I can't count!!!

More dragons welcome and you can email them to me on the address on the top of this blog.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.