21 February 2015


First of all I must mention that sometime today (got to check my listings again) I will be launching the next batch of shuttles from 'im in the garage here in the Etsy shop.

There are times when all I want to do is tat and play. After the TIAS I decided I wanted to do a bigger project but in size 40 thread. I decided on the diamond motif as it's so flipping versatile when you've got no particular plan!!!!
So I chose these colours. The variegated one is Pansy from Yarnplayer and the yellow is an Olympus thread. I decided after two parts I didn't like the yellow - it's just tooooooo bright. Anyway, I couldn't just leave it after using good HDT thread so I completed the six. Mind, knowing me I'll probably decide I do like it eventually especially if I put a darker thread next to the yellow. Hmmmm, that's an idea - maybe I will do just that!

20 February 2015


Just wanted to share some of the scissors that I made while working on the TIAS. I think I must've made nearly a dozen before being satisfied with the pattern!!! 

I'm really pleased with the number of finished scissors that have come in so far with this year's game - we've now got the magic 100 already.  Thank you to all those who have taken part and those who will still arrive. 

19 February 2015

An addition

One of the things I enjoy about the nearly sixty years I've been tatting is that I'm still learning. I have a need to learn all the time - probably because things don't stay in my brain for long as I think it's sprung a leak!  Send for a brain plumber - QUICK!

Remember the page I uploaded a few days ago about putting beads onto a thread before you start? Well Carolyn contacted me yesterday and showed/explained to me her way of adding beads.  I've tried it and it works well.  She said you need to sort of 'train' the needle threader by squidging it so the beads go on a bit easier but that's easy.  It's a great idea so it's now on that page.

I truly appreciate all the help everybody gives when compiling techniques as there are so many ways to do things that I could never manage to learn and illustrate them all.  Anyway, here's the link.

18 February 2015

Shuttles for Etsy

The good news for me is that we're now at 97 pairs of scissors which is, I think, a record for this shortish time after the TIAS.

Now, I have the shuttles below to list in my Etsy shop here on Saturday.  I'm not sure what time I'll let them 'out' but they'll be there.  A lot depends on how busy I get between now and then!!!  Note I can now accept credit cards as well as Paypal too.



The top one here is a Pop A Bobbin Snakewood shuttle and the one below is a Kingwood post.

17 February 2015

Second bead page

Well it rained nearly ALL day yesterday so I found time to do the second beady page.  I've got another one 'in the pipeline' but that may take a few more days.  Also I may re-furbish one or two of the others while I'm in the sorting out mood!

Today's page is about the placement of beads within the work which is a question that often comes up.  I'm hoping this page will help.

16 February 2015

Working on techniques

I've been working away on technique pages over the past few weeks.

This 'need' to add to the 'tips and techniques' section of my website has been brought on by questions asked by beginners in a group (or two) on Facebook and a recent realisation that some of my technique pages are quite useful.  

When I started the original website I was only interested in getting rid of patterns.  I honestly can't remember when or why I started adding techniques but eventually I did.  Actually it was probably to explain some of the things I was doing in patterns.

Then a few years ago I began to think that my printable techniques were 'old hat' when people started putting techniques on youtube.  I stopped doing them for a while but recently I've found that they are being used.

So I'm off on another adventure!!!  I need help, though.  I have 'my ways' of tatting and using techniques so need guidance and information about other ways.  

The first page I've re-done is this one.  Simply putting beads onto threads before starting a piece of work.  If you can add to this page then please let me know.  Simple but probably needs explaining.  

Next project is going to be about beads within/on rings and chains and any suggestions will again be VERY welcome.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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