16 February 2015

Working on techniques

I've been working away on technique pages over the past few weeks.

This 'need' to add to the 'tips and techniques' section of my website has been brought on by questions asked by beginners in a group (or two) on Facebook and a recent realisation that some of my technique pages are quite useful.  

When I started the original website I was only interested in getting rid of patterns.  I honestly can't remember when or why I started adding techniques but eventually I did.  Actually it was probably to explain some of the things I was doing in patterns.

Then a few years ago I began to think that my printable techniques were 'old hat' when people started putting techniques on youtube.  I stopped doing them for a while but recently I've found that they are being used.

So I'm off on another adventure!!!  I need help, though.  I have 'my ways' of tatting and using techniques so need guidance and information about other ways.  

The first page I've re-done is this one.  Simply putting beads onto threads before starting a piece of work.  If you can add to this page then please let me know.  Simple but probably needs explaining.  

Next project is going to be about beads within/on rings and chains and any suggestions will again be VERY welcome.


Jane McLellan said...

'Quite useful' is an understatement of note!! A point about videos, I don't use them much because they use up too much of my data allowance, and I prefer to be able to print out written instructions and keep looking at them. So don't stop just because other people make videos!

Pigmini said...

They are also useful if you are 'teaching' in a club! Yes, I do hand out your technique pages AND it saves me using my data to pull up .pdf's on my phone!!!

Maureen said...

I don't look at youtube either, because this old computer freezes up in horror if too much is asked of it. So I print your pages if I need to learn how to do something, and they are invaluable.

Ninetta said...

Your tips and techniques are 'absolutely' useful! I coudn't tat without you! I watch videos, too, but I've always your pages printed - and updated - to look at. Thank you very much!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I use both your technique pages and YouTube. I sometimes find it easier to understand a video, but the printed page is much easier to refer to.

muskaan said...

I agree with All the above sentiments in the comments ! Your TAT (Tips And Techniques) is a TTT (Treasure Trove of Tatting). I, too, usually check out Your tutorials first & have printed out many. More to print when I start with the beads.

Another reason why your pdfs are useful is that each of us has a different style of tatting - of holding the shuttle & making the knots. Videos sometimes distract me with trying to first understand the tatting style, rather than focus on the technique.
Not to mention the total flexibility of pace, place, time, repeats, note-making, etc. that a printed copy allows.
Will check out your latest update .... Thanks for all the work, Jane :-)

Phyllis said...

Your Tips page is the first place I go to when I need info. They are very helpful. It is also the first place I recommend to tatters who need help.

Bernice said...

I can't name the number of tatting techniques I learned from your pages. I like that you give alternate ways and great diagrams. Thank you so much for making me a better tatted and stretching my abilities.
I have your pdfs in a book as part of my tatting library.

Adrian said...

Quite useful?

I think everything I can say has already been said.

Your techniques page is the first place I look to learn something new and they're all clear and easy to follow.

Anonymous said...

SOME??? All of your techniques pages are great! QUITE USEFUL??? Valuable, priceless....definitely something one cannot do without! I rarely bother with videos: they tend to confuse me, go way too fast (or so slowly my attention lapses and I miss what I *wanted* to see. The first place I go when I need help of any kind is your pages. Everything is so clearly explained AND illustrated that I can tackle the 'difficult' technique and get good results right away.

tattrldy said...

The videos can be quite useful but I still come to your pages, especially if I'm going to be trying new techniques where I won't have access to the videos :-) This happens more often than not. Thank you for all the work you do on them!

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