7 June 2024

I found

Two brass rings in my cupboard tidy up a few weeks or so ago.  What to do with them was the question!!!  They’re really good brass rings and I wanted to use them wisely.  In the end I used this pattern to make a hanging.  I’m really pleased with it although it was a real struggle to attach the tatting to the ring.

Why?  Because I used invisible thread to do it!!!  When I say invisible it really was invisible!!!  I nearly gave up but I’m an obstinate old git!!!

5 June 2024

Hearts galore

Well, two anyway!!!

This little frame was just the right size for two little hearts.  I used the Fandango heart for this little gift.

4 June 2024

I found this!!

This is a Mary Konior design whicch I made a while ago and was really pleased to find fitted into this little frame.

I wonder who’s going to get this as a gift?

3 June 2024

Back with a Monday moan

I’ve not been away or doing anything crafty over the past few months because my personal life has interfered with my crafting life - and my walks too.  Still I do have time for a little catchup this week so here goes with day 1!!!
I do have a bit of a Monday moan about one Facebook tatting group that I’m in.  No, not about the group itself but one member who posted that they thought that it was perfectly fine to copy tat people’s designs.

Now my stance (whether you agree or not) is that it’s acceptable to do that as a way of learning how patterns are constructed and if you really want the bother of doing it.  BUT I think that should never be boasted about publicly and encouragement for others should never happen - it should be kept quiet about.  As I see it it’s a pain and time consuming to copy tat but I guess some people think they’re saving money by not buying the pattern even though there are plenty of free ones available.  I guess that they don’t realise that the money they’ve saved has cost them a lot of time when they could’ve been doing something else.  I also doubt that their results lie as well as they should if they’d followed the proper pattern.  A missing double can make a difference in some cases and techniques might be missed which would make the design flow better too.

Anyway, having said that the member then said they were going to take designer’s patterns and publish them in a book.  I really, really wish she would as then the copyright/intellectual property laws would be fully tested worldwide!!!  We could all then properly find out what can and can’t be done through a court of law.

The group moderator handled this post/person in a very calm and sensible way and hasn’t thrown her off the group.  Well done to her as it’ll keep the discussion going and again, we’ll all learn from it.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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