18 December 2010

Last two for now!!!

I'm going to have to tear myself away from these magnets - they're magnetising me into making more and more!!!  Today I MUST get back to the TIAS again.  

When working on a big project I have to put it aside from time to time because 
a)  I fall out with it!!!
b)  I need to 'forget' it for a week or so before going back to it fresh.
c)  The OG gets distracted by things such as magnets!!!

These two will go into my shop later today.  I'm finding they  disappear pretty quickly and also I've got more ideas brewing too!!! 

17 December 2010

Heart and butterfly

Once I get a bee in my bonnet I can't get rid of it!!  Anybody got a shotgun?!?!?  Can't stand that buzzzzzzing!

Seriously I'm delighted with the interest shown in this magnet idea as I know it works so well.  It's the first time I've ever had a bookmark that really does it's job - even when I drop the book!!!

So yesterday I got settled in tat corner really early and managed to finish off an orange butterfly that I started on Wednesday, before making the heart (also below).  The heart pattern is one of my own which I 'doctored'!!!!  This morning I saw a comment on yesterday's blog from Ridgewoman which made me smile as I seem to have got to be one jump ahead of her!!!  Here's her comment!

"You LOVE making these; so why not each holiday, have a theme? Heart for Feb. Leprechaun or clover for St. Patrick's, firecracker or shooting star for July 4 (here across the pond) and so forth…How bout Initials? Then, they'd really be personalized."

Also when I woke up this morning I wondered what a penguin bookmark would look like!!  Anybody think that's a good idea or has brain cell 3 'lost the plot'?

16 December 2010

Yet another pheewwww day!!!

A busy day AGAIN yesterday with Silver Surfers in the morning followed by the volunteer's Christmas 'get together'.  

I was asked by our gallant leader to take some of my Winsome Drop earrings and the magnetic bookmarks to show her - which I did!!!  I came home with a few less!!

Why am I telling you?  Well amongst the things she bought were the larger magnetic butterfly bookmarks so I came home with just one to list!! So towards the end of the afternoon I managed to get the 'remains' listed here!!!  Then I woke up this morning to find that 2 had already flown the 'nest'.  No, that's wrong - butterflies don't 'live' in nests but  you know what I mean!!!

I did finish off another of the larger ones last night (see below) and will put it in the shop either later today or tomorrow.  They are slightly more expensive because they do take a lot more time.  I'm also going to do a few along this line but with hearts dangling - more suggestions always welcome!!  If you ever see anything you want in the store but want it in another colour then do drop me a line.  There is a 'conversation' facility there or you could just send a message to the 'mad old bat in the UK'.

A bit of news about the TIAS.  It's still progressing but slowly!!!

15 December 2010

Phewwww, what a day!!!

I'm talking about yesterday!!!  Instead of bragging about what I've got listed in the Etsy shop I'm going to tell you about what I haven't got!!!  What do they call that?  Hmmmm, negative thinking?  No, that's not it.   Ah, probably being awkward - as usual!!!!  Actually there is just one poor, lonely, hookless Pop a Bobbin still left needing a new home!

The shuttles just flew out.  I hardly had time for my lunch.  It's quite a task when things happen that quickly - well, it is for an OG.  Needs concentration getting the right things in the right packets etc and then I have to fill in a spreadsheet to keep a track of Etsy and Paypal charges'.  When I've finally got that sorted I send Sally and 'im in the garage the money to go towards more wood etc!!!

Interestingly I sold both of the last magnetic bookmarks which were in the shop too.  I do have several more (5 or 6) but haven't listed those yet as I'm taking them to show the lass who organises us volunteers for Silver Surfers.  We're having our Christmas lunch today after the teaching session at the library.  I'll list any that don't sell in the shop on Thursday.  

Oh, for those who don't know (and I bet you dooooo) there is now an option to list your items in other currencies.  I nearly changed mine to GBP but decided I now work better in USD!!!!  Strange woman that I am!!!!  Another change I noticed was that when you go to Etsy without being signed in you're given the option to view in another currency.  Clever lot those guys and gals who run that online store.

14 December 2010

More shuttles

Yesterday I put an extra 'bit' onto my blog post in the early evening.

The reason was because I wanted to let everybody know that I had spent the whole afternoon photographing, sorting and listing shuttles here.

This time 'im in the garage has excelled himself and a variety are going 'live' shortly after I've posted this piece.  

I must apologise for the short warning on these but I wanted to get them listed so that anybody in the UK and who doesn't use Royal Fail will be able to buy and receive them for Christmas.  

They MAY even get to the USA in time too but I'm not going to hold my breath on that!!!  Here are some of the newbies in the shop.

13 December 2010


Not a real emergency but just a post to let people know that I'll be listing more shuttles in the Etsy shop tomorrow morning - hopefully just after my regular blog post!!!  There will be a few pop a bobbins with hooks and lots without.  Post shuttles of various sizes too!!!  Large, medium and ornery!!!

The reason for this last minute warning is because some may just reach their destinations before Christmas!!!

I do wish you all lived close by where I live then you could ALL come round for a cuppa tea and see the new shuttles in 'real life'.  I haven't got a scan or photo of them yet myself (although they are here in a box by my side) so you'll have to have a look at them on Sally's blog here. 

I'm hoping to get them listed by the middle of the week so keep your fingers crossed - I'll give you a 24 hour 'warning' on when and the time!!!  There's a huge variety this time of small, medium and large shuttles with post and regular pop a bobbins too.  Also I noticed there are Pop a bobbins with no hooks as well.  I think 'im in the garage has had fun and excelled himself.   They're gonna take some sorting, but heck - that'll keep me quiet for a few hours!!!
Just going to show you what I get up to when I've fallen out with the TIAS!!!  I'm going to start listing these in Etsy towards the end of the week - if I've got any left.  I'm finding they're selling amongst friends and aquaintances very well.  There are only three here but I scanned them twice so you could the butterflies without having to stand on your head!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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