21 December 2013

Another box done and dusted.

Another finished.  I was a bit concerned that this one wouldn't work.  It's not a colour that really appealed to me but then I ought to know by now that Lizbeth threads always look good if you have the courage to give them a try!!!

Yesterday I wandered round the shop where I got the little boxes from and they've still got some left in this peacock blue colour and also some new ones - in black.  Rather like the ones I did earlier this year.  

I was SUCH a good old git and I managed not to be tempted - but it was hard, very hard!!!

20 December 2013

Another box and I'm bored!

A change from the diamond studded motifs now and onto something new.  I get bored very easily!!!

This time I took the first part of the 3D snowflake which is here and 'messed about' with it a bit!!! Well, only a bit as you can see!!  I put a bead in the middle (swarovski type) and a long beaded picot between the rings.  I extended the chain's long beaded picots too - just because I could!!!!

19 December 2013

The next box is finished

Ta de dah!!!!!  I announce the arrival of another box - finished and ready for my plans!!!!

Now to be honest I did the top of this box a week or so ago so the edging, sides and sewing have been done a while too.  

It takes me most of an evening to do the large motif and then another half an evening to do the edging.  The sewing is done in the afternoons when I've got a bit of natural light and the concentration to do it.  Least that's the theory!

18 December 2013

Starting another adventure!!!!

Now here's another motif (diamond studded again) ready for another of the boxes.  

This time to make life more interesting I've used a swarovski crystal bead in the second long beaded picot.  Again the picture isn't that good but you can blame my scanner for that.  Least I'm not sure it is the scanner itself or whether it's the driver!!!  I've been looking for an updated driver for that since I downloaded Maverick.  Ah well these things take time and are sent to try an OG!!!!

17 December 2013

First box finished.

Here is the finished box which I showed you with this dreadful photo back here!!!

I was really ashamed of that picture but I'm pleased now with the finished box.  I do have a plan for all these but I'm not going to say what it is yet!!!!  

An added advantage of making them is the fact that it keeps me quiet for hours and gives lots of practice sewing with the invisible thread!!!

Please take note of the diamond (cough, cough, splutter, splutter) right in the middle and the fact that with this Lizbeth thread I have actually re-used some of the beads and sequins.  

Right - onto the next one.  What thread will I use and how long will the geckos be kept at bay?

16 December 2013

Another play!

As I promised on Saturday - another play with Frivole's Celeste pattern!!  

Has anybody EVER told y'all in Tat Land that you can NEVER have enough beads?  Well, if you haven't been told before then I'm telling you now!!!!

Since the birth of the long beaded picot life is so much easier.  

With Celeste I only had to work out how many to put on the threads for the beads on the core thread.  When it came to the LBP's I added the lavender intermixed with clear beads.  Job done!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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