20 December 2013

Another box and I'm bored!

A change from the diamond studded motifs now and onto something new.  I get bored very easily!!!

This time I took the first part of the 3D snowflake which is here and 'messed about' with it a bit!!! Well, only a bit as you can see!!  I put a bead in the middle (swarovski type) and a long beaded picot between the rings.  I extended the chain's long beaded picots too - just because I could!!!!


Jenn said...

So pretty :). Love it :). You should be bored more often :).

Madtatter80 said...

I love swarovski beads and wanted to use some in snowflakes I was using, but I am out! this is adorable and like the picot beads being 2 sizes two, colors makes me think you had fun!

Pigmini said...

Haha... BC3 bored?? That'll be the day!! Love the 'new' motif... more earrings on their way!!! LOL

Jane Eborall said...

Too big and too 'floppy' for earwigs, Pigmini!!!!!

Maureen said...

it's an overweight snowflake! - and it's very pretty too.

Pigmini said...

thinner thread?? maybe??

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