17 December 2013

First box finished.

Here is the finished box which I showed you with this dreadful photo back here!!!

I was really ashamed of that picture but I'm pleased now with the finished box.  I do have a plan for all these but I'm not going to say what it is yet!!!!  

An added advantage of making them is the fact that it keeps me quiet for hours and gives lots of practice sewing with the invisible thread!!!

Please take note of the diamond (cough, cough, splutter, splutter) right in the middle and the fact that with this Lizbeth thread I have actually re-used some of the beads and sequins.  

Right - onto the next one.  What thread will I use and how long will the geckos be kept at bay?


Jenn said...

Gorgeous box!!!

Maureen said...

Seascape! - I love Seascape, it doesn't look very nice on the ball but always tats up well, especially in size 80. The box looks really good, and I can see the sequins now!

Susan Hook said...

A beautiful box, the lid is gorgeous!

linb54 said...


linb54 said...

gorgeous! great use of recycled beads!

Miranda said...

That is a spectacular color combination!

Tally Tatty said...

Ok, I'll practice my long beaded picots. They are nice ,useful and creative! Thanks , Jane!

God's Kid said...

That box look wonderful!!! :)

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