25 February 2022

Rounds to the finish.

This is the final of the Dutch doily.  Now did I enjoy it?  YES.

Although it worked out very large it was a really easy one to make.  I am still gobsmacked by the swirls in it and how well it lies too.  I rarely block my tatting as I feel that all patterns should lie flat without any fiddling around with them.  This is one of 'those' designs because the only things I really needed to 'sort out' were the long chains in the penultimate (or thereabouts!) round.  

I need to now get this sorted and onto my site.  I would love to add the designer's name to it but I've been unable to trace it.  The pattern appears to have been published in several languages too so was obviously very popular when it first came out.  

I'm going to call it the 'Unknown Doily' I think but if anybody has a better idea then please let me know.

24 February 2022

Carrying on with the Coats motifs

In the evenings and when I'm not knitting I'm continuing with the Coats mat which I started back here.

I'm using size 40 thread and I'm not sure I'm going to have enough.  I'm also not sure I even like what I'm doing either!!!!  

23 February 2022

Another cushion square!

This time I decided on green for the theme!!  It's a great way of using up scraps of fabric and as long as you keep the iron handy (and on) it doesn't take long to achieve a square.  

I'm not giving you any guesses as to what colour I'll be using next!!!!

22 February 2022


I'm going to tell you and show you a LOT about this place today.  

It's the most amazing facility we have in the road as it has a HUGE garden which 'back in the day' (Shakespeare's time) was a farm.  Thankfully it's enclosed by houses which over the years have been built around it.  There is no vehicular access to the back which is a bonus in this day and age.

In the garden there are bee hives, orchards, chickens, a wildlife pond, a forest school and loads of peace and quiet right in the middle of Stratford.  I often take a drink down there in the summer to sit and relax even though we've got a garden of our own!!!  

I think the main asset of the place is the manager - James.  He's a 'one off'.  They (whoever 'they' are) broke the mould after they made him.  He's not just friendly he's so, so helpful and never fails to put himself out to give help when needed.  

Some time ago he showed our group (Needles and Neighbours) a wall hanging that another group he belongs to had made.  We asked him if he'd like one based on Lifeways and he said he'd love it.  He even made one square himself.  So this is what we did.  Each square is tiny - roughly 14 centimetres.  Here they all are - a veritable feast.  You'll recognise the house from the website.

21 February 2022

The death of a project!

I bet you've all forgotten my waistcoat that I started back here and which progressed to here and here!
Well I did finish it and started looking around for buttons.  BUT I decided I totally didn't like it.  Not at all.  I love the colour of the yarn but part of it was the texture which was lovely and 'silky' (it's acrylic) but there was something about it that just didn't 'gel' with me so I took it along to my knitting group on the Friday morning and they gave me good advice - put it in the wardrobe!!  That's what I did for about three months.  

I cannot abide wasting money and that yarn kept calling to me to do something about it so last week I rescued the waistcoat from the wardrobe (I'd hidden it quite successfully) and unpicked it all.

I spent hours and HOURS on Ravelry trying to decide what to do with the yarn but in the end I thought that a scarf would be a good idea.  Then 'which pattern' was the next problem.  

In the end it was Sue who came to the rescue and she wrote down her pattern on a cigarette packet.  NO, not really but in the old days we used to scribble things down on them although I never smoked there was always somebody who'd got a cigarette packet.  Seriously Sue wrote me an email with a really great idea and that's the one I'm using as you can see.  

I've decided not to use the yarn with the white in as I think it's the white that put me off in the waistcoat.  I may use it in the 'middling' part of the scarf or in a hat or something.  It won't get wasted!

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Happy Beaks
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