22 November 2023

Waiting in the wings!!

I’m not sure if I’ve shown you before but this is some yarn that Nancy kindly gave me when we met up in town a month or so ago.  She lives in Birmingham.  No, not the one along the road but the one in Alabama!!!  
This is 4 ply and will probably be turned into more socks - unless I can find another project that takes my fancy!!!  I need a break from socks, really!!!

20 November 2023

Monday moan - returned book

Well the book which stole the picture of my bookmark arrived on Friday lunchtime.  It was on its way back to the ebayer shortly after.  I took a photo or two to illustrate how badly the contents are and then wrapped it in the same packaging to send it back.
I’m afraid I have to share just a very small proportion of the introduction with you as I find it highly amusing that we’ve all been enjoying a ‘roll in the hay’ all these years without even knowing it!!

17 November 2023

Neighbours and Needles

OR is it Needles and Neighbours?  Well I call it the ‘Tuesday Group’ as I can never remember!!!  We meet at Lifeways for a crafty session on a Tuesday morning.  Actually it’s more about the chatting and drinking tea/coffee and meeting up with others who live in the neighbourhood!!!

Over the years we’ve done projects to help the local community.  We do a project together to raffle/sell at our annual garden party and the money we raise goes to local charities.  Over the years we’ve done quilts and have been amazed at the talents our ‘non sewers’ have managed to find and contribute.  Some didn’t know they could sew until they joined us.  Taking part in a project isn’t compulsory but it’s a great way of keeping us together and building a community spirit.

For next summer’s project we’ve decided to make tote bags to raffle.  We’ve bought the bags out of our funds and people who want to take part have a square of fabric which we’ll sew onto the front and back when they’ve done their design on it.  I’ve started on my first one which I’ll show below.

We’re suggesting that they take inspiration from Boro - here’s a link and/or Sashiko as both are easily achievable - I hope.

16 November 2023

A chatty project!

Now I have to have a project on the go that I can take to my crafty groups and just ‘do’.  It has to be something that needs ZERO concentration so that the nattering can happen without being distracted by the craft!!!
After the four scarves had been finished (one was snitched by my daughter) the other three went to the food bank.  I know they’re not edible - I’m not that stupid but the volunteers there assured me they’d go into special hampers for those who really will respect that they’re new and handmade.  Anyway, they’re gone now and I had to have something to do with my free yarn that I ‘won’ from Hobbycraft.  So I wanted something new.  What about a shawl type scarfy thing?  Here’s what I’m working on.

I’ve no idea who will get this when it’s done but I’ll find it a home!!!  That’s unless I undo it and make it into something else!!  There’s time for that to happen still!!!

14 November 2023

Second sock syndrome - sorted!!

Well that’s another project off my ‘to do’ list.  I just knuckled down and knitted my little socks off.   A pun but that’s actually true, isn’t it?

The new owner put them on straightaway so I’m happy that they fit etc.  

13 November 2023

Further to last Monday’s moan

The good news is that most of the booksellers took the offending book down off their platforms.
EBay uk and .com also removed it too but Amazon refuses both here in the UK and in America.  So, a partial success.  

My main reason for chasing this up is to help stop people who want to learn to tat from being ripped off with very inferior books with poor contents.  Also to prevent them buying the same book with a different cover.  It was only because the seller put EXACTLY the same introduction in all the books that my ‘little band of spies’ (not really!) spotted this that I was able to confidently take a small amount of action.

A photo to cheer you up.

7 November 2023

Thank you

Thank you for all your support yesterday and I do have further news.  
There are at LEAST two further books being sold by different ‘authors’ with exactly the same introduction and layout of the cover.  However the other two have used other people’s images, I think.  

One poor lady who commented on Facebook or this blog said she’d ordered 12 books and they all turned out to be the same.  Fortunately Amazon refunded her money but what a nasty experience.

Here are two more links to the original book - here and here so it’s obviously going to be impossible to stop this rash of thefts.

Here are images of the other two books.

6 November 2023

A CROSS Monday Moan - copyright theft

I have a good friend who ‘tipped me the wink’ on Friday about a book she’d seen for sale on eBay (picture below). 

Can you see why I’m cross?  Yes the image on the right is mine and the original can be found for free here and has been available for the past 17 years!!!  What really annoys me is that people are paying money to buy the book (which probably has more stolen work inside) when they could probably get them all for free (like mine).  

I’ve ordered the book, which pains me as I’m buying my own work, and will report on the contents when it arrives.

Other action I’ve taken is to contact eBay.co.uk and eBay.com who have both removed the book although, to be honest, it might have been the seller as I contacted them too.  Amazon are ‘considering my request’ as well and I’m leaving reviews on sites where I find the book but can’t find how to contact them.  AbeBooks have removed it too.  

There will be more on this ‘issue’ as research continues.  If you see the book elsewhere could you tell the seller etc that it is using copyrighted pictures and (to yet be proved) probably patterns too.  TBC.

27 October 2023

Second sock ‘syndrome’

Now I don’t understand this ‘second sock syndrome’!!!  I obviously don’t suffer from it because as soon as the first one was done I had to get straight on with the second.
Trying to analyse this and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because I’m terrified that if I don’t get on with the second one straightaway then I might not get it done at all!!!  So, having finished the cloth then the best plan was to get the second one cast on as soon as possible!!!

Ah, another reason to crack on quickly is because (of course) I’ve got other yarn lurking in the background too!!! 

25 October 2023

Second jacket finished

Sometimes things take time!!! 

This jacket was made over a fleece that the IT volunteers who work in the library were given many years ago.  Long before the pandemic.  It’s a lovely warm jacket and I’ve posted about it before but never got round to ‘quite’ finishing it.  I had to take out the side pockets as the zips were very large so I sewed up the slots which made an ugly inside front.  I luckily found some black fabric in my stash which was suitable for lining.  I lined the front and back but not the sleeves.

I added big patch pockets too so I could put my phone in one and probably other bits and bobs in t’other!!!

Then the poor jacket waited and waited as I didn’t need it due to the warm weather.  Eventually we had a cold spell and I went through my stash of tatting bits and found lots of ‘things’ (commonly known as motifs) from the ‘box in the cupboard) and sewed them on.  Very pleased with the jacket and have worn it out a few times.

23 October 2023

Results of the last Monday moan!!!

My inbox has become a LOT less busy since my last moan!!!  Not because I guess anything has changed in Tat Land but simply because I've taken action.
When I sat and thought about it I realised that the only thing I could do was to leave all the groups.  Well that wasn’t going to happen as I’m too darn nosy.  I then had a good look at the groups I belonged to and I left three which weren't very active.  

Then I had a brainwave (BC3 helped obviously) and I blocked the people who were forever advertising.  Shame really but I’m sure they won’t notice as they probably weren’t interested in me anyway!! 

I’ve had a lovely quiet week since.  

A picture of the river yesterday.  A bit high but at least it’s not over the banks yet.  We’ve been lucky here that we haven’t had the floods other parts of the country have had.

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