29 September 2023

Another scarf

You probably don’t remember but I had two big balls of yarn that I knitted this scarf out of.  Well the scarf only took one ball so I have another ball left to deal with.  

This is the start of scarf number two!!!  I’m using exactly the same pattern as last time as I found I could remember it pretty easily.  I’m only doing this when I’m at Friday knitting as I can work on it and chat at the same time!!!

28 September 2023

Looking back and looking forward!

Now it’s time for another lot of decisions over the patchwork.  If you look back here you’ll find the inspiration for my project - except, of course, that mine is mainly blue!!!
Now I have to start thinking about the length of my cloth as the width is ‘almost there’ and I’m hoping to add a border onto it too.  

The top picture shows the motifs that will go in and which will hopefully start making the cloth rectangular.  Playing with the motifs before I actually sew them on you’ll see from the other pictures that I’ve got a few choices to make and also need more of the ‘seven hexagon’ smaller motifs too.  Obviously these will be using other fabrics so choices on that will have to be made too!!!

27 September 2023

Sock failure

I was bumbling along doing pretty well but on Thursday evening I picked up the project and accidentally managed to pull off stitches from both ends of the circular needle.

As you will all know - undoing and re-doing things never phases my wonderful BC3 so I thought that would be easy to resolve.  

NO WAY.  I was halfway through doing the heel and there were wrapped and unwrapped and slipped stitches all over the place and some of the unravelling had gone down a few rows so the only way forward was to go backward.  I unravelled back to before the heel and have now started knitting it again.  Well almost on this picture!!!

25 September 2023

Patchwork and another ‘round’ done.

Well this part is finished.  If you look back here you’ll see I’m still addicted to this particular project!!!  It was going to be my ‘winter project’ but I’m now doubting if it will last that long!!!  

22 September 2023

Problems resolved

As I’ve mentioned before I am making another pair of socks but this time I decided to use a different pattern.  

After the last post about this new sock (here) I didn’t realise that the heel part would be so very different to the last pattern I used.  I had several days when I didn’t do anything because I didn’t understand the pattern!!!!  

Finally the ‘penny dropped’ and I finally got partway round the heel.  Here’s a picture of where I’m at now!!

20 September 2023

Patchwork progression

I’m still plodding away on the patchwork cloth but still enjoying it.  This is going to be a loooong round of little motifs joined together with a darker colour.  

18 September 2023

Two days of tatting!

Saturday and Sunday were spent in Lifeways at the Heritage Craft weekend.  
It was a great opportunity to catch up with other crafting friends.  Jane who I see at the Alcester group on a Friday and Sue who I haven’t seen for years.  We had a ‘two day gossip’ and found out that we had many mutual friends!!!

Here are some pictures taken soon after we had set up on the Sunday morning.  

Above - Spinning Jane!

An interested visitor modelling my tatted poncho

Our current town mayor (seated) learning to do braiding.

14 September 2023

Anybody want a cupcake?

A change of scenery for today.  Believe me tatting is continuing but it has to be kept a secret at the moment.  I’ve not started on a TIAS yet and have doubts it will happen next year.  I’m doing too may other things at the moment!!  I do have an idea which I think is good but actually making a TIAS out of it is not yet happening.

Meanwhile a neighbour asked me to make a pair of earrings for another neighbour and she chose these cupcakes from the web page which is here.

A lovely diversion!!!

13 September 2023

A new sock

It had to happen!!!  Liz decided on a lovely purple and white yarn for her next pair of socks but I couldn’t get it locally.  As she was going into the big city she said she’d pop in and buy it from the larger Hobbycraft there.  

Well this is what she got instead and I think it’s lovely.  I prefer it to her original choice!!!  Funnily enough Ruth (at Friday knitting) was knitting socks with the same yarn last Friday!!!

I’ve made a start on the new pair of socks as you can see.  I’m using a shortish circular needle and the magic loop idea which I find as good as dpn’s.  I like dpn’s (double pointed needles) but I think I’d confuse myself when it comes to working round the heel.  

Oh, this time I’m using this pattern from Ravelry as recommended by t’other Sue!!  I’m enjoying this pattern as Jo (the designer) tells you what and why you’re doing things as you go along.  

12 September 2023

Patchwork - the centre is together.

Finally made good headway with my ‘so called’ winter project!!!  I was going to keep the patchwork to do over the winter months but sadly it’s called to me too loudly so I’ve got on with it!!!  

The top picture is the finalised middle of the cloth whereas below is just me playing with ideas for the next round of florets.  Of course I still need to decide on the centres of these two and there’s another ‘round’ to go onto the top picture but planning ahead is essential.

11 September 2023

Finished - well almost!!

The first scarf is finished - almost.  I just need to sew in the two ends.  

Don’t forget - I have another ball of the same so be prepared for more!!!

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