29 February 2024

Another pair finished

Well you thought I was talking about one pair of gloves but actually this is the second pair I’ve knitted!!!  While I was in the ‘glove zone’ I thought I’d just carry on!!!
The first pair went to the new owner last week and this pair (she’s found the two she’d previously lost!) will stay with me!!  I keep a pair in each coat I’ve got so I don’t have to keep looking for them when I need them!!!

28 February 2024

More work on the bag

I’ve made a tentative start on the second side of the bag I’m doing for our community summer party.  This is how far I got last week.  

I tend to just add to it on a Tuesday morning at our local group.  I’ve got a long way to go!!!  

Very enjoyable while chatting to friends and neighbours which is why our group is called ‘Neighbours and Needles”!!!

27 February 2024

My nattering project

This project just grows and grows while I talk and talk!!!  
It’s a scarf that will eventually probably go to a local charity.  I’m really enjoying it as it’s so, so simple and I just love the i-cord edging to it too.  

I got the pattern from Ravelry and here’s the link.  

I think there maybe enough yarn to do another scarf - I must weigh the remaining yarn and the scarf when I’ve finished it.

26 February 2024

Monday moan - back today

Yes for all the fans of my Monday moans (both of you - you'll be offered a pay rise for reading it!!) I have one this week.
As you know from previous moans I belong to a lot of Facebook tatting groups.  I'm never totally sure how Facebook 'works' but I've got no secrets (only the ones I never share online - like my love of all things chocolate etc!) so rarely have cause to add anything to conversations.  

There was a post on a very popular tatting group over the weekend which I followed but didn't comment on until it was seemingly abandoned.  The group has a strong ethical rule about naming the designer of anything that members post which is a GREAT idea as it means we can all find the pattern either on a website or in a book. 

What a surprise to find that the owners of the group had changed the header picture but NOT NAMED THE DESIGNER AND SOURCE.  It wasn’t something I’d want to make but I do want to see what other designs that person has done.  Those who make the rules seemingly have the rights to break them too!!  I felt sorry for the poor moderator who’s been left ‘holding the baby’ by the admin team.  

Life never ceases to surprise me.  

Meantime another wet walk on Saturday but fortunately, just for a change, it didn’t rain!

22 February 2024

Yet more progress with the gloves

I remembered to take a photo of the gloves before I got too far.  

Can you see that I’m working in the round but with two circular needles.  Now you could work with just one or you could use dpn’s but the pattern suggests this way and I really find it so much easier - particularly as my circulars have two different colours joining the needle ends.  

Because of this I use the red needle for the palm of the glove and the grey one for the back.  Keeps BC3 on the right track!!!  First of all you join the three longer fingers and work a few rows.  Then you add in the ‘pinky’ and the palm is then very straightforward until you get to the thumb.  

20 February 2024

Sashiko progress

If you take a look at this post you’ll see what a group of us are doing on a Tuesday morning with Neighbours and Needles.  We’re using a technique called Sashiko and you can find out all about it here.

This is my one side of the bag but I’m not sure if I’ve finished it or not!!!  

16 February 2024

Gloves again!!

Progress is being made!!!   Each finger has its own label!!!  Another lesson I’ve learned with this pattern/idea is to knit half of the finger (roughly) then turn it inside out and darn in the starting tail.  This saves struggling to turn the whole glove inside out at the finish.

Actually this is a habit I have carried over from my tatting adventures.  I always sew in ends as I go along.  I cringe at the thought of sewing in ends when I see people who make HUGE doilies and then face the task of sewing in!!  Train the brain is my advice!!!!

Anyway here’s where I’m ‘at’ now!!!

15 February 2024

Julie's next pill

Julie is back again with more help/advice.  I’m hoping you’re not going to suffer from a drug addiction, Julie!!!!   This is her last post about the pill.  

This is what Julie has to say this time and I must thank her for her advice and for taking the trouble to tell us all too. 

“Here's my second pill. Posing with a needle cover I used for stuffing this time.”

14 February 2024

Tim’s take on the Happy Pill

Tim has definitely taken to making Happy Pills and has found another way to make them too.  I like the red lipstick, Tim!!!  Very apt that this should be posting on Valentine’s Day!!!!

13 February 2024

Another pair of gloves

A member of the family has lost a glove so I’m making her another pair.  This is the pattern I use and I really love it.   The only problem I found with this pattern is doing the i-cord fingers.  I just couldn’t get them to look as neat as I’d like so I used dpn’s and forgot about i’cord!!!

The gloves are worked from the fingers down to the cuff which means that if you’re using oddments of yarn you can work them in easily (and imaginatively!) when you get to the hand part.  I quite like the fingers to be the same colour (and the thumb) yarn but I’m not fussy about the palm/back etc.

The main thing to remember is to label each finger as you go along.  I ‘thought I’d know which finger was which on my first pair a few years ago but I was SOOOO wrong!!!  

Here’s the first finger.  It’s pretty hard to start with six stitches on dpn’s (double pointed needles) but using ‘non slippery’ needles is the answer - not metal ones like I’ve used here!!!!   They kept slipping out!!!  Joanie sent me home with a vast collection of bamboo knitting needles when I last visited her in America so I quickly found a set of dpn’s of the ‘right’ size and the rest of the fingers will be done with those.

9 February 2024

Time to take a pill!!!

Julie has had a great idea for putting inside the pills - a pen top.  Why didn’t I think of that?!?!
I asked her for permission to share her pill and she said this

Of course you can!  I was going to try a needle cap but I cut it off too short. I want to try a longer one next time. My co-workers are asking for  them .”

Thanks for showing and sharing, Julie but do you think that the doctors will be worried about losing their jobs if people start giving out tatted pills?!?!

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Happy Beaks
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