9 February 2007

Introduction to my Family

May I introduce you to my new family? They have recently arrived to live with me and I'd love you all to meet them.

First of all there's Mrs Tatbead - lady's first, of course!
Then Mr Tatbead - hates wearing suits and would rather be in his casual clothes.

Next I want to introduce Master Tatbead - note, he wears shorts and his hair needs brushing!
Then there's his sister with her multi-coloured skirt and her pigtails. Like most girls - she adores pink!
Next we have grandma Tatbead who needs a walking stick - gold of course!
She is followed by her husband - ooooh, dig his hairstyle! He uses a walking stick and looks as if he needs a zimmer instead!
Next there are the family pets. First the dog. Rover Tatbead.
Followed by the cat - Tilly Tatbead
Tilly Tatbead is a very good mouser and she's very fond of bringing her 'catches' home with her.
These are the family members who have arrived at the moment but I believe others will be following soon. Watch this space!!!

8 February 2007

More ramblings!

Yesterday evening I made good progress on my latest project after two abortive attempts at one of the pieces!
I wonder how many yards of thread I've thrown away during the past fifty years? That's an interesting thought!!! I remember that when I was in my teens the cost of a ball of Coats thread was two pound two shillings and sixpence (£2.25). At least I'm pretty darn sure it was that. As balls are still roughly that price it does seem that the cost of my addiction has remained roughly the same!!! In those days it took me a lot of agonising over spending my pocket money and then if I made a mistake I hated cutting out and throwing away. Nowadays I don't mind the waste.
Actually, no, I'm wrong in that previous statement about the cost of my addiction!!! It's soaring over the years. BUT only because I can now afford more threads, shuttles and beads!!!! Where will it ever end?
Just a quick side note. It's snowing here today. Three inches with a forcast of three more. Last time it was this deep in our area was roughly twenty years ago when I walked two miles through the countryside in blizzard conditions to school. I was the closest teacher to the school and when I got there the head had already arrived from eight miles away and closed it!!! It took most of the morning (me in the school hall telling stories to the kids) to contact the parents of those who had arrived to ask them to take them home! I then had to walk home!!

7 February 2007

Rambling thoughts on copyright and other stuff.

I've been listing on ebay again - more shuttles and some tatted pieces. Love doing ebay but it will shortly be coming to an end as the gardening and Spring arrive (hopefully).
I ordered a new cupboard for my stash of threads and beads on Sunday. The one I've been using has shrunk!!! YES, it has!!! It's the damp patch in the corner that's caused it. NO, I haven't been buying too much stuff!!!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
A design that I'm really excited about is nearing fruition. No, I'm not sharing pictures this time. It's been a long time getting finished and I so want this one to have the 'wow' factor!!!
Mind, after the 'discussions' on HBT I'm not sure I really want to share any more. Somebody says it's fine to take anybody's work, alter the way it's written and then publish under their name. This has been done to me and it SUCKS BIG TIME. It hurts like hell. The only reason for people doing this must be because they haven't an original thought in their head or they want to gain 'fame and fortune' off other folks's backs. What I cannot understand is that people think it's fine to do this and to buy a book to share the patterns with others. Just before Christmas I did look into doing a book of patterns and self publishing but if this is the 'way of the world' then I shan't bother.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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