30 September 2022

Knitting progress

This is how far I’ve got with my short sleeved top which you can find here.

Now those who are awake while reading this will notice that the sleeves are rather long for a short sleeved top!!!!  Do you want to know why?  Well I bought the recommended number of balls of yarn but have realised that I’m going to finish up with leftovers!!!!  Leftovers are fine if you can eat them but I don’t fancy eating yarn!!!  So I’ve decided to make the top into a sweater!!!  

I’m not sure if I’ve got enough length on the body so have left that ball attached to it so I can go back and add more if I want to. 

Of course carrying on to make the sleeves longer means working out when and where to decrease towards the cuffs.  When I’m designing tatting I always write down the pattern on my iPad as I go so this is what I’ve done with this project.  

28 September 2022

Marmelo - halfway through daisy row

I have made further progress with the Marmelo doily  in the evenings when I’m not working on the TIAS I need to be doing something so this (and another project) are my ‘go to’ ways of keeping myself awake and not falling asleep in front of the telly!!!.

26 September 2022

Did you enjoy the break?

I simply didn’t have time to blog last week - everything seemed to decide to happen last week and the week before.  
BUT I did have time to get a good way into a TIAS for next January.  Autumn is heading our way so there’ll be less to do to the garden - although I don’t do a lot anyway!  I enjoy mowing the grass but do little else apart from pulling weeds.  I mow a neighbour’s grass for them too and get some really odd looks when taking my mower along the road to their house.  One person I met walking the mower stopped and made a funny comment so I pointed out that other people walk their dogs so why shouldn’t I take a mower out for a walk. 

Obviously I’ve not a lot to share due to the TIAS but I do have a few things this week.  


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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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