20 May 2022

Starting in on the new skirt

Having got a design that I like and that fits  (see Wednesday's post), I have decided to make a new skirt in that style - well, almost that style.  
First I needed a pattern.  Patterns are so expensive nowadays so I visited our chicken coop where we store a few old newspapers to line the nesting box of our last remaining chuck.  Please don’t tell Lady B (the last chicken left) or she might be cross.  

Then I measured and worried about cutting a pattern out of the old newspaper.  I’ve still got a lot of fabric in my stash so knew roughly what I was aiming for.  

These pictures show work in progress!  Well, BC3 thinking hard about it all!!

18 May 2022

The story of a denim skirt!

I have a skirt!!!  Just an ordinary skirt which I bought many, many years ago (between 15 and 20 at a guess).  

When I bought it it was almost ankle length and was plain with a flair insert (see picture below).  Made of denim it quickly became a favourite.  

A few years later it wasn’t fashionable anymore as it was too long.  Out came the scissors and several inches were cut off and again it regained the status of ‘favourite’.  

Another few years on and it was again at the back of the wardrobe.  Why didn’t I like it anymore?  

Several hours of thought went into that question and I decided it was the now ‘out of date’ with the big buttons down the front.  So, off they came and the buttonholes were covered with a denim strip.  

So, what is the point of the story?  Well I decided that I liked the style and length of it but it's now feeling a little dated again.  More another day!

17 May 2022

More pouches

Well I've made two more pouches and have another few 'on the go'!!!  I think I'll soon be weary of these now.  You know my attention span isn't that good but they are now very enjoyable to make - IF I read my own instructions carefully!!!

16 May 2022

Monday moan!

Yes another Monday moan. Bored with them?  Let me know and I’ll stop.  Well, if BC3 will allow me to!!!
This is back to one I’ve moaned about before and which I think is now becoming quite dangerous.  Dangerous for those who sell patterns online or hold copyrights on in books etc - just be aware not to use mine without permission!

Another tatter pointed out to me last week that there was a YouTuber who was publishing videos of patterns which were copyrighted to another.  Now some copyright laws seem to suggest that if this is being done in another ‘format’ it’s OK to do it.  BUT what about intellectual property?

Please REMEMBER that the original written (whether digital or printed) pattern involved a LOT of work which isn’t needed when transferring to a video.  

Firstly the person I was alerted to (on YouTube) was using a pattern that was originally published in written form in a book.  

Secondly I’d like to know if she had permission.

Thirdly another thought- this is actually damaging to our craft as working out a pattern in text and diagrams is part of the learning curve which is essential to any craft.  If a person isn’t ‘forced’ to learn the craft from practically nothing then there will be no in depth skill.  A brain has to be made to work for it’s ‘keep’.  

I’m lucky as I had to learn from ‘word of mouth’ from somebody who was also learning so BC3 was forced to really concentrate on the knot.  

A picture to cheer you up!!!

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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