20 May 2022

Starting in on the new skirt

Having got a design that I like and that fits  (see Wednesday's post), I have decided to make a new skirt in that style - well, almost that style.  
First I needed a pattern.  Patterns are so expensive nowadays so I visited our chicken coop where we store a few old newspapers to line the nesting box of our last remaining chuck.  Please don’t tell Lady B (the last chicken left) or she might be cross.  

Then I measured and worried about cutting a pattern out of the old newspaper.  I’ve still got a lot of fabric in my stash so knew roughly what I was aiming for.  

These pictures show work in progress!  Well, BC3 thinking hard about it all!!

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picotsnkeys said...

A very fun skirt to enjoy!! Best use of "bits" and "scraps" I've seen in a long time!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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