21 November 2009

Aunty Nelly

I had an Aunty Nelly when I was little and I was her favourite goddaughter.  She married later in life and she and Uncle Earnest never had children.

I used to stay with her for a few days at a time in Coventry (just after the war) and remember things like seeing the bombed Cathedral etc.  I was born in 1943 so was very young.  I digress.
When I was a teenager I remember visiting her in a new skirt.  One which I adored.  My mother made it for me and it was blue with a green print on it.  Aunty Nelly was appalled and quoted 'blue and green should never be seen'.  
All my life since then I've wondered about colour combinations and this pair is just to prove Aunty Nelly wrong!!!!!

20 November 2009

Does my?

"Does my bum look big in this"?  Sorry, couldn't resist that!!!  It should read "does my BANNER look big in this"?  Thanks to all again for suggestions and taking the time to even look at the ramblings and struggling of this OG!!!  

Seriously I had poor old brain cell number 3 working on the banner for a while yesterday but am not sure if it's any better!!!

Two completely different dangles today.  Both made a few weeks ago (and lost and found!!).

The first one is done in my favourite combination of really outrageous colours - bright pink and bright orange!!

The second is green (obviously!) and a variegated thread called 'jelly bean' which is one of the Lizbeth number 20 range.

19 November 2009

Pink and Blue

Thank you to all those who told me my banner is oversized on the top of the blog!!!  I'm going to work on it today but that's a bit difficult when it looks fine to me on three browsers and two computers!!!  Tell you what, I'll dig out and polish off brain cell number 3 and get him to give me a hand!!!!

Now for two using pink and blue.

Another and new breed of poinsettia, do you think?!?!?

18 November 2009


Just messing around on my new toy the other day and this is what I came up with - a self portrait!!!

Just so as not to frighten people too much I left out my sticky out teeth!!!

Seriously - I'm really enjoying this new drawing software and can't leave it alone!!  I've got a new banner here on the blog and a new one on my Etsy store.  I know I should be drawing tatting diagrams but wanted to do something else and 'just for fun'.

More of my motifs coming sooooon.

17 November 2009

Another pair

Now I made these two a few weeks ago when I was still working on the pattern.

I really like this combo.  Least I do until the next pair I make!!!

Watch out tomorrow for a frightening post - something different!!

16 November 2009

The 'other one'!

No wine (well, only a small glass!) on Saturday so the other green/orange one got finished.  Slightly different orange which I found on a pair of shuttles which I'd obviously left lying around to use and then gone off and got another pair.  Oh to have a tidy mind!!!

I'll show them both side by side.  Sorry, running a day late on blogging!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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