21 November 2009

Aunty Nelly

I had an Aunty Nelly when I was little and I was her favourite goddaughter.  She married later in life and she and Uncle Earnest never had children.

I used to stay with her for a few days at a time in Coventry (just after the war) and remember things like seeing the bombed Cathedral etc.  I was born in 1943 so was very young.  I digress.
When I was a teenager I remember visiting her in a new skirt.  One which I adored.  My mother made it for me and it was blue with a green print on it.  Aunty Nelly was appalled and quoted 'blue and green should never be seen'.  
All my life since then I've wondered about colour combinations and this pair is just to prove Aunty Nelly wrong!!!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I had dear Great Aunt Nellly! She was short and round, had very little white hair and a pink scalp. I always think of her when I see pink and white together!

I've never heard your Aunt Nelly's blue and green saying... good thing! I love blue and green together! These look fabulous!

Sharren said...

My mother used to say that, too, and also proclaimed that red and pink did not go together. My position (I was seven) was that if blue and light blue looked OK together, then red and pink should as well, since pink was 'light red'. She wouldn't let me wear pink and orange together, either -- which is a very popular color combination today!

Tatman said...

If God can put any color combination together and still make it look wonderful(look at what nature has to offer...even mandrill baboons can be pretty), then it must go together! ;) I like blue and green together :)


Maureen said...

"Without a colour in between..." - that's the end of the couplet. So the beads are obviously the in between colour, and these look great!

M said...

My aunt went on design course and they started to call her 'pink and green' because a lot of the things she came up with had those two colours. When I see pink and green together I think of her. It's strange how things like that stick in your brain.

I think your use of blue and green works well.

Jane Eborall said...

Well I'll be jiggered - I didn't know that, Maureen!!!! Thanks for all the interesting comments, everybody.

Katie said...

Blue & green are one of my fave color combos. I studied Deb Menz's Color Works book. I'm not afraid to combine colors any more!!! I'm about to post a pic to my blog with one of my own HDT's. The colors are blue, green & orange. There was a time when I would've cringed at the thought! LOL!

Sally Kerson said...

Oh that brought back memories of dear Aunty Nelly! I also stayed with her, but that was a
l o n g time after the war - big sis!!!
Yep you were her favourite God daughter, but then she was never my God mother!!!
But the combination of blue and green is so pretty

sewmuchfun4 said...

Those motifs are VERY pretty in blue and green. I just left Katie's post and was also remembering all the DO NOTS in color which have been proven wrong. I colored my dream room in home ec years ago purple, green, blue with touches of orange. I took allot of grief, but I still like it!

You have posted so many pretty variations of the motif, it would be fun to see them en masse. I bet the colors would look FABULOUS!

Pam Esbjerg said...


I love the Snowsettia - reminds me of home. I was raised in St. Petersburg, FL and in Florida, you can plant poinsettias outside and the bush will grow up as high as the roof. They are absolutely gorgeous when they bloom. I love your colors - all of them - might even make one out of purple myself (smile) - pam

❦TattingChic said...

LOL! That makes me wonder about the fashion of Aunt Nelly's heyday and what on Earth would possess her to say such a thing. I wonder if that was a fashion opinion in her day. Funny, how there are those that think that the thoughts and fashions are there time are there to stay!

Blue and green is a lovely color combination! What of bluebells and forget-me-nots? Such beautiful flowers wouldn't look half as lovely if they didn't have the companionship of the green foliage to complement it!

Your latest motifs are lovely! You could probably do this pattern blindfolded by now, aye?

Isdihara said...

Perhaps Aunt Nelly spoke rightly for her generation. But those WERE the days, my friend.
Your blues and greens are great compliments for one another.

Fox said...

Pink and red, blue and green, orange and pink. I love them all and was told they are all wrong... Oh yes; also yellow and red.

"Red and yellow catch a fellow", is what I say! Anyone read Ellen Tibbits?
Fox : ))

Ridgetatter said...

A few folks have looked a bit odd when they enter my water blue room, turn and see the chocolate wall. Obviously, they never received a gift from Tiffany. LOL DH started looking around and right after the room was painted he said, "Those colors are in style" I had an in-depth Color course at University (For my Graphic Design Certificate) and noted that during the sixties ~ when they came up with all the screen prints in blues, greens, oranges ~ they were the color combinations that made the pictures move (no, I wasn't smoking). It's the same as the Impressionists daubs of different colors to get a special effect.
I love color ~ my favorite Color Guide is called, "Making Colors Sing"
You go mate, just mix em up and let em go!
Alas, I had no 'proper' Aunties but my mother was a fashonista, but she was very brave with color. Primarily because my Aunt Sophie, from Panama, brought all the tropical colors into our lives.

Art by JoyMac said...

My mother in law said one should never wear Green as it was unlucky...so guess what I wore quite a
lot of. LOL
Remember the term "Never walk under a ladder"??? you can guess what I did another giggle...
Joy in OZ

Rayanna said...

So pretty. My grandmother's name is Nelly but with an "ie". I miss her very much.

Gareth Eborall said...

Did Aunt Nelly live in Magull?

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Gareth. No she lived in Coventry!!! Where is Magull and where are you?!?!?!? Are we related do you think?

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