14 May 2021

Two more butterflies

I'm done with the blue t-shirt and will take a photo of it when the butterflies are all sewn on.  Just to bore you to tears!!!

The top one can be found here and I used the version without a button.  Plain and simple - just like me!!!

The bottom one is here and is the one I translated from one of the Dutch books.  Again I used no beads.  

I've used beads on motifs on t-shirts in the past and they've all survived numerous washings but this time I thought I'd 'go plain'.  They don't call me 'plain Jane' for nothing, you know!!!

13 May 2021

Butterfly one for blue t-shirt

Here we go with the first of several (IF I'm not distracted!) designs for the new blue t-shirt.  

This is one of my own designs (I try to check on old patterns from time to time) but without the beads and replacing one 'chain' of beads with a split chain.  The pattern is here if you want it.

11 May 2021

Another t-shirt

Just a quickie today to show you the 'naked' blue t-shirt.  I do already have ideas for this which I'll show you shortly.

Also to let you know that I’ve added Cheryl’s foxes to the TIAS blog here.

10 May 2021

Moaning Monday

Yes it's that time of the week again - Moaning Monday!!!!  

Today I'm going to moan about - well, not a lot really.  I could grumble about the weather but I won't as I can't do anything about that except accept that I'll be permanently damp for quite a while yet.  

I guess the one thing that does bug me at the moment is the never ending succession of  new names for old techniques.  This does bother me as some of the old ones are set in history and for very good reasons.  

The latest one that I REFUSE to use is TR (or TOR) for what traditionally used to be called a ring on a chain (RoCh).  This name (RoCh) says it all to me - it's a Ring On a Chain.  A TR (TOR) is, to me, a ring off a ring. or something you've thrown out with the bath water.

Does that sound impossible - a ring off a ring?  Well it isn't and, although the designer who first brought it to us (Sabina Madden) calls it a LTROR I always think of it as a thrown ring.  I'll show you what I mean and you can decide.  Here's the link to Sabina's page. 

There are other examples of 'new' names for old techniques too - just can't think of them for now.  Aren't you glad?!?!?!

Need to add a picture so here's one of the new 'inmates' in my Etsy shop.  His name is Freddy!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.