1 May 2010

The winner of the blind giveaway

It's Sunday and I NEVER blog on a Sunday!!!  

Well, today I am but just to tell you the results of the blind giveaway.  Using a wee app on the itouch which has a random selection part, I put in the numbers on my spreadsheet that I've been keeping.   There were 74 on the list and the winning number is 32 who is Wickedtats.

Oh, I'll also show you what she won.

Here you go!!!  A motley selection of pink!!!!

Don't get bored!!

Before I start my morning's ramble I'd like to remind those who read this that the giveaway ends soooooon.

I think this may well be the last of the earwig phase for now!!!!  I'm getting over it and will shortly be moving onto something else!!!

Did I hear somebody say 'where's the ejector seat'?  

Dear reader - there isn't one!!!!  I'm me, here and as always - just talking to myself.  

30 April 2010

More of the same

There must be something wrong with me as I seem to get stuck on one thing for a while!!!  I'm enjoying these easy and relatively fast earwigs!!!

Carol Lawecki mentioned the pattern and I challenged her to think of a name for these.  She's come up with 'Winsome Drop Earrings' so now they're named they'll have to be shamed into becoming a 'real' pattern!!!!  ONE DAY!!!!!

29 April 2010

Now for another earring phase!!!

First of all thanks for all the comments on the 1000 post.  Just one person didn't leave their email address - Corina if you're reading this could you let me have it, please?  In answer to tattingmarie's question - the first post was on 8th May 2006.

I need to do a few 'quickies' for a 'do' that I'm demonstrating at in June.  I've been told I can sell items too but from past and bitter experience I do know that this doesn't mean anything will sell!!!!!

Here are two pairs of earwigs!!!  I do like this pattern as it's very adaptable and easy to make!!!  Mind, not sure if it's new and not sure if anybody would want it!!!  

28 April 2010

1,000 today!!!

No, no, no, NOT my age!!!  It's my 1,000 blog post today!!!

I'm going to do my first giveaway BUT you're not going to see what it is until the end!!!!  It's a 'blind' giveaway. So, get out the guide dogs and the white sticks and make a comment - or not!!!!   

No need to add buttons or anything to your blog, no need to tell anybody, no need to even comment on the blog either!!!!  You could just email me.  Just let me know your name and your email address.  Simple - just like me!!!!  I won't publish comments either as then you'll not even know how many are taking part - part of the 'blind' bit!!!!

Comments will be taken up until 8.45am British Summer Time on Sunday 2nd May and the winner will be announced the next day.  

All I'll tell you is that it'll be PINK!!!  Pink in all it's parts!!!!

I'll use a random selector thingy to choose the winner and will keep everything on a spread sheet until the giveaway is over.  

When I announce the winner I'll show you what he or she has won. 


27 April 2010

Guess what this is!!!

OK, here's a puzzle for you!!!!  No prizes as it's really rather easy.

Guess what this is?!?!?

26 April 2010

Sometimes, just sometimes!!

Sometimes an old git gets lucky!!!  Not sure why but they do!!!!

Yesterday I was looking in a part of my wardrobe that I rarely venture into.  Not because there are gigantic moths living in there (they don't frighten me) but because - well I don't know why but I rarely do!!!

Anyway, look what I found.  Sadly I only spotted two of these in that shop so bought them straight away.  Aren't they going to look pretty - WHEN I put hearts in them?

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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