1 May 2010

Don't get bored!!

Before I start my morning's ramble I'd like to remind those who read this that the giveaway ends soooooon.

I think this may well be the last of the earwig phase for now!!!!  I'm getting over it and will shortly be moving onto something else!!!

Did I hear somebody say 'where's the ejector seat'?  

Dear reader - there isn't one!!!!  I'm me, here and as always - just talking to myself.  


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane

I love your blue earrings.


Stephanie said...

The blue ones are my favorite pair so far! You've almost inspired me to start wearing earrings again.

And what's wrong with talking to yourself? I've had some of the best conversations of my life that way! ;)

Carla said...

All your earrings are wonderful!

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Happy Beaks
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