26 April 2010

Sometimes, just sometimes!!

Sometimes an old git gets lucky!!!  Not sure why but they do!!!!

Yesterday I was looking in a part of my wardrobe that I rarely venture into.  Not because there are gigantic moths living in there (they don't frighten me) but because - well I don't know why but I rarely do!!!

Anyway, look what I found.  Sadly I only spotted two of these in that shop so bought them straight away.  Aren't they going to look pretty - WHEN I put hearts in them?


Gina said...

Ooooh....love those hangers! And it's a good thing you live so far away because I've been itching to tat in those heart shapes ever since you posted about them and I'd probably come and snitch them from you if you lived closer! Ha! Actually, I've got some shaped wire here somewhere that I've been intending to do that very thing - just have to find them! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Sally Kerson said...

They are going to be very elegant and unusual when you have finished them. Its just a matter of finding a heart that will fit! Never mind you can design one yourself if needs be!

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Happy Beaks
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