10 December 2021

Another square project completed.

Well a few more afternoons and the seconds square is finished.

I added greenery to the pond itself and flowers at the bottom.  A dragonfly and two butterflies completed the scene.  I'm hoping to contribute more before the whole project is finished and, of course, I'll be showing you when it is.  

It's been amazing how different all the squares have turned out.  There's some stunning stitchery and great imagination has been used in all of them.  

9 December 2021

An orange Ann Onnymouse

I had to make a mouse!!!  

Well I didn't 'have' to but a family member has been feeling a bit down in the dumps at times lately and her  cat is partial to mouse hunting and bringing them into the house - if she can!!!  We were discussing that and I showed her Ann and she loved the idea that this wasn't a 'live' mouse.

That was all I needed to encourage me to make one for her.   Why orange?  I asked what her favourite colour was and that's what she said!!

8 December 2021

White earrings

Well I decided to make myself a pair - only longer.   Again I added a bead to the centre of both snowflakes and also one between the two parts.  

One day soon I'll write this down and make a page out of it but I need to check first to see if it's been done before.  Anybody seen them before?

7 December 2021

Start of another square

A friend brought her ‘bare square’ back last Tuesday as she’d not got time to do one.  I jumped in and said I’d do it.  I must be mad.

I thought I’d do the pond that’s in the garden so as I’d got a few frog patterns on my site I thought I’d do them peering out of the water.  First I cut the pond shape out and crocheted the wall around it.  I then spent an afternoon trying to work a frog that would work (without a lower body) to be peeping out of the water.  That wasn’t easy so that’s when I stopped playing!!

After a couple of afternoons l had two frogs and the wall around the pond.

I cut a slit in the blue fabric and slotted the frog in, sewing the sides of the slit together again.

This was fiddly but I think eventually it'll look OK.  Time and patience will tell!!!

6 December 2021

Monday moan

I've been robbed AGAIN.
It happens every year just before Christmas.

My daughter, husband and one of the kids came over on Saturday as it had been Abbi's birthday a few days before.  I should know better but I said to my SIL that he could choose a dangle for his Christmas tree and one for his mum too.  When I looked in the box after he'd gone it was a lot emptier than I expected!!!

Now I'll tell you a secret.  I LOVE that he likes the dangles so much that he takes more than one.  In fact if I set off early enough next year I'm going to make him lots and lots.  So since Saturday I've been making more dangles so I've got enough for my Tuesday and Friday groups to choose one each.  

My own kids were brought up with tatting being done all the time so I think they're burnt out with looking at it!!!!  

Thank you, SIL for making me so happy.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.