25 October 2019

More fabric for Roly Poly Tat Bags!

Although I’ve got even more fabric than this - these are some that I find are really appealing for the bags.

Another one made too - cherry ripe would be a good name for this one!!! It's ready to send to Sue (Pigmini).  This one has a white lining (which is what I usually use) so that a tatter (or whoever!) can find things inside it easily.

I was hoping to make myself a new one next and I think it'll have to be the crazy cat fabric I showed back here but fortunately I have other orders that have appeared so my 'spare' time is going to be busy again.  That's good as idle hands (like mine) get up to mischief!

23 October 2019

Coriolis finished

Now for something new!!!

This is the Coriolis that you've seen a few times before. I submitted it for a class at Palmetto this year but it wasn't taken up. No problem as they did accept the other patterns and I went and had a FANTASTIC time too.

The following weekend the group had their regular guild meeting and asked if I had anything I could teach - if I wanted to!! I'm always willing to share and fortunately had left a copy of the Coriolis on my iCloud account so could send it to them for printing. Apparently there are usually around four people who turn up for the meeting so it was incredible that around fourteen actually arrived! It was a very relaxed afternoon although I was running around like a headless chicken most of the time!!! 

Anyway, here's the link to the pattern for you to try.

As it's worked all in one without any ends (except the last one, of course) and also if done using the lazy way of block tatting there's no need to even take the threads off the hand except for split rings or the ring on the chains on the outside!!!

I've also added the edging instructions too.

22 October 2019

One more made and more fabric

I’m just going to put a selection of the fabrics I’ve got which maybe of interest if anybody wants to order a Roly Poly Tat Bag. I'm taking orders so please contact me if you want anything in particular.

I was searching for a link to show you some of the bags I'd made in the past and was gobsmacked to realise that it was six or more years ago when I was in the height of production!!! Here's a link for you to see. There are also two 'poke proof' pouches on this page too!!

Here's one I made yesterday (well, finished off as I was waiting for my zip order to arrive).  Can  you see the contrast fabric I used for the lining?  Love this little bag.  

21 October 2019

Sincere aplogies

To Dora Young, her grandson (who graciously gave permission for the reprint), Heidi Nakayama (who spent years getting it together) and Patti Duff (for gifting me a rare copy of the original book) for something I regret doing.

In my enthusiasm for Dora’s work I've posted the things I've made on this blog many times, as readers will know. I now regret having done that as thieves are about.

On Saturday I had a notification about a new post on Just-Tatting (a Facebook group that I belong to). This one made me curious as the lady had posted a poor rendition of a Dora Young pattern. I normally keep quiet as I like to read people's reactions to things on Facebook before I say anything - this time I didn't wait long. By the way, she's got 53 'likes' for this which proves to me that people DO NOT read the whole story. Why would you 'like' something that very quickly was brought to the group's notice, by the lady concerned, that the pattern was stolen?

This lady had STOLEN the pattern off the internet and, I later realised, that another of Dora's patterns that she was asking for help with had been STOLEN off my blog (I asked her to remove it and she appears to have done that) but am now worried that the other one she stole and copied also came from my blog too.

So in future I will NOT be posting large pictures of other people's patterns. More work for me but that's my problem. 

I'm sure copy tatting goes on a lot and sharing of patterns (secretly) too but it will come to a stage when designers will stop making books and patterns for us to use as they won't be able to make any money from doing that due to copying. 

I took the decision in the beginning not to charge for my work in order to try and keep the craft alive but running the web site does cost me money (now around £60.00 a year) which I try to recuperate from running the ads on this blog. 

Anyway, to cheer up the page I'm showing you another midi snowflake using Sue's HDT with gold beads.  Hope to have this pattern up and running next week!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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