21 October 2019

Sincere aplogies

To Dora Young, her grandson (who graciously gave permission for the reprint), Heidi Nakayama (who spent years getting it together) and Patti Duff (for gifting me a rare copy of the original book) for something I regret doing.

In my enthusiasm for Dora’s work I've posted the things I've made on this blog many times, as readers will know. I now regret having done that as thieves are about.

On Saturday I had a notification about a new post on Just-Tatting (a Facebook group that I belong to). This one made me curious as the lady had posted a poor rendition of a Dora Young pattern. I normally keep quiet as I like to read people's reactions to things on Facebook before I say anything - this time I didn't wait long. By the way, she's got 53 'likes' for this which proves to me that people DO NOT read the whole story. Why would you 'like' something that very quickly was brought to the group's notice, by the lady concerned, that the pattern was stolen?

This lady had STOLEN the pattern off the internet and, I later realised, that another of Dora's patterns that she was asking for help with had been STOLEN off my blog (I asked her to remove it and she appears to have done that) but am now worried that the other one she stole and copied also came from my blog too.

So in future I will NOT be posting large pictures of other people's patterns. More work for me but that's my problem. 

I'm sure copy tatting goes on a lot and sharing of patterns (secretly) too but it will come to a stage when designers will stop making books and patterns for us to use as they won't be able to make any money from doing that due to copying. 

I took the decision in the beginning not to charge for my work in order to try and keep the craft alive but running the web site does cost me money (now around £60.00 a year) which I try to recuperate from running the ads on this blog. 

Anyway, to cheer up the page I'm showing you another midi snowflake using Sue's HDT with gold beads.  Hope to have this pattern up and running next week!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm too lazy to copy tat. I much prefer a pattern that has everything spelled out for me, and I make sure I have a legal copy!

God's Kid said...

So pretty!! :) Love the color!!

Ladytats said...

I like the pretty snowflake, sorry there are those who steal and claim it for themselves.
I thank you and other designers for posting your patterns, I have pointed so many people to your pages when teaching tatting or informing people who come to my demonstrations where they can find patterns. You have been such an inspiration and have done so much for furthering the progress of Tatting in the world.
Thank you for your time and effort. And please tell BC3 Thankyou for all his hard work.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this would work or not - during the brief time I tried blogging, if I shared a picture of anything I'd test tatted for someone (with their permission), I'd deliberately blur the picture - using really terrible resolution was an easy way for me to do that sort of thing - and keep re-doing the blurring until you couldn't see stitches at ANY magnification. You got a general shape, but not enough of a look at it to be able to duplicate it....I hope. I often overdid it on the blurring, but the purpose was to deter thieves. You could still probably show off large pictures of things, just blur them thoroughly. :) Make us all feel we need to have our eyes examined. :D

Stephanie Grace said...

Why doesn't blogger have a 'like' button?

Crazy Mom! said...

Holy crap. All I can say is - bitch.

Mouse^^^ said...

So sorry that has happened. Beautiful snowflake

Madtatter80 said...

Love tatting agree with Diane.

Jane Eborall said...

Thank you, Ladytats. Your comment is much appreciated.
That's what I'll do in future, StephanieW. Only with other people's patterns, of course as mine eventually get onto my web site so not worth copying!
Hmmm, good question Stephanie Grace but what is the 'value' of 'likes' on Facebook when 53 people 'liked' the woman's original copying? Proves to me that people don't actually read the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Jane!
Dora Young's work is important to tatting's history. Where would tatting be without Dora's contributions? Dora's technique should be taught and the design rights respected.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for your comment Teri. I agree about Dora’s work and all designers too. Copy tatting should be made the eighth deadly sin, I think.

Judith Connors said...

I'm a great fan of the techniqueS and work of Dora Young. I've run several workshops on this topic.

I agree with you, Jane, about designers considering how much they are prepared to share online, especially when photographs can be enlarged and patterns 'read off' indiscriminately. Sadly, I share only what I am prepared to lose.

Jon Yusoff said...

I debated with myself for this very reason each time I wanted to share a photo of my tatting. So much so, I have decided to reduce the number of postings showing photos of my tatting.

When I share my tatting progress of a Ruth Scharf design, I had a feeling that someone is copy-tatting it because I saw photos of the same design posted to some tatting groups in Facebook up to the point where I had shared my photo. That really put me off.

I have decided not to full show any photos of my tatting tatted off patterns from any books. Well, maybe small parts of it but not enough to show the full picture. I have also tried taking photos at low resolution but they still come out very clear on my phone, :(

All this is making me sad and angry at the same time.

Jane Eborall said...

That's interesting that you feel that there are online stalkers, Jon. I'm sure you're right. Shame that we've almost lost you in Tat Land because of that.
Good idea, Judith. Share what you're prepared to lose.
To everybody who's commented - I think we should make sure that people who do copy tat know that it's an insult to the designers and to the integrity of any craft. I'm sure it must go on in other crafts too. I've made a stand against it - let's ALL do our best to discourage it.

Imoshen said...

I never really gave much thought to copy-tatting when I put pictures online. I usually just snap whatever default is on my phone when I blog. For a while I was watermarking with the designer info and my name but have become lazy and stopped doing it. I should probably go back to that.

Diane said...

I'm sorry this is happening. I have Dora's book, but had never tried any of the patterns in it until I saw your post. I'm enjoying working the pin wheel motif at the moment. I would never have attempted it had I not seen your post. A small positive result of your post.

Judith Connors said...

Diane, you will also find a wonderful mock split ring, which was developed before Dora's split chain technique. AND the original directions for what is now known as the Catherine Wheel join.

Dora's experimentation is so-o-o interesting.

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