23 March 2018

Red earrings

I've started going to another group on a Thursday afternoon. Yes, we do have quite a few crafty groups in town it would seem!!!

Last week there was a good turnout of people and amongst them was a lady who liked my tatted earrings. Bless her - she mentioned them on several occasions so, of course, it made sense for me to make her a pair.

Here they are.  I will hopefully see her next week at the craft group.

While I'm thinking about it - I've finally got the pattern up on the website and here is the link.  This is the same pattern that I showed you here and on this page too.  Both variations are on the pattern.

21 March 2018

Finally finished it

Well here it is - finally sorted and ready for another whirl round the internet!!! 

Here is the link to the file if you want to have a go at the refurbished pattern!!!

You'll see that today's pictures are of the same bookmark either with or without the tail. I used to like tails but then found I kept catching them on things and yanking the bookmark out of the book so now I prefer them without. Just a 'me' thing, though!!!

Actually I rarely read a print book now as I prefer to read ebooks.  

20 March 2018

Two more Flowery bookmarks

Two more of the Flowery bookmarks have been made - just to be sure that we're on the right track for getting this to be a much better pattern to read and execute.

The main problem with this one has been that it does need careful reading. It's just a matter of getting your SLT's and RW's and DNRW's right and then it's very straightforward. 

I'm sure this is going to prove a much easier bookmark (or bracelet) to make.

I'm hoping to get the new version up on my web site tomorrow

19 March 2018

Time for another review

This time I'm re-visiting the flowery bookmark that I did in 2006 which is 12 years ago. Just shows I can still do simple sums!!!

Now this has been quite a popular bookmark for the thieves!!! I've seen it appear in quite a few places including one Russian book where they'd taken my pdf file off the internet, whitened out my name and copyright information and published it just like that.

I was pretty upset at the time but could find no way of contacting the publishers and shortly after thought it wasn't worth the effort anyway. So over the past week I've been looking at it again.

Sue (aka Pigmini) has tried it out too and between us we've come up with a better written pattern - I hope!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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