15 April 2021

A change is as good as a rest

Well that’s what ‘they’ say!!!  
I decided a few days ago that I’d make some earrings for the shop.  Now, I’m VERY fussy about earrings. Mine have to be bright and cheerful but also be able to be worn indefinitely without them losing their shape.  

If an earring is large and without many beads then it will tend to bend.  HA, HA.  Like that - I’m a poet (tend to bend)!!!  So my remit for myself is to have lots of beads to stop the jewellery bending.

These are my favourite earrings.  I’ve got them in all sorts of colours and some I’ve made bigger by making the chains longer.  The whole piece is made on a button which you can barely see as I add beads on top of it.  The pattern is on my freeservers site and can be found here.    It’s fiddly but so worth it.  Well here is the first pair in my Etsy shop.  

I’m working another pair (or two) in black with gold beads next.

13 April 2021

Another elephant!

OK you must think I've gone hephalump (elephant) crazy by now.  Well I promise you I haven't!!!  
Do you remember this elephant that I made for my friend down the road?  Here it is.

Well I'm a bit fussy about things when I make them and I was NOT happy with the poor elephant.  The yarn was thick and hard and to make it made my arm ache.  The kit came with a size 6 crochet hook which was like wielding a hockey stick!!!  So when I was back 'in the zone' for elephant making I got out a size 3.5 hook and some yarn that I had in my stash.  This one looks 100% better, I think.  When I stuffed it you couldn't see the stuffing through the stitches and I was altogether a lot happier with it.

I didn't tell Sue I was making it so it was a surprise when I gave it to her.  I must say I enjoy amigurumi crochet.  

12 April 2021

Magnificent Monday!!!!

There - that foxed you!!!  Bet you thought it was going to be another moaning Monday post!!!  
I'll be honest - it's not any different to any other Monday really.   My Etsy shop seems to be booming at the moment and I'm spending a lot of time re-stocking it as items sell.  I've got one more idea to make and then I may start on another 'line' of items to list.

Here are the new arrivals over the weekend.  Two seahorses and a dolphin!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.