5 May 2023

The Coronation

As the world knows we are celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III tomorrow. I hate to admit this but I remember the last one - I was heading towards ten years of age and we had a TELEVISION in our home.

It was a miserable day (weather wise) and all I wanted to do was go to the big party which was happening over the road after the ceremony. 

Anyway all these years later (but not wiser, I might add) this Coronation will be spent watching it on a colour television. 

The day after will be a street party which the neighbours have been preparing for for ages. We've got a road closure and bunting etc so the day should be full of fun. At our local group where we meet to sew, knit, crochet, craft etc we've been working on our annual quilt and this is this year's offering. People will be able to buy tickets to win it. 

One or two (well, all of us!) think it's the best one we've done so far. Jo has done an amazing job putting all our crazy quilt squares together. Thanks, Jo.

4 May 2023

Cozy production

Well I'm running out of friends!!!!  No I've not been upsetting them - least I hope not!  I'm running out of people to give these to!

I love making these - they're so simple to do  and so useful when done!!!  

For those who don't know - they're for putting a bowl into the microwave on so that you don't burn your fingers (or laps!) with hot stuff.

3 May 2023

Progress on Robin's doily

Now I hang my head in shame!!!  I forgot to scan round 5 of Robin's lovely doily but I've remembered to do one of round 6 - even if it no longer sits entirely on the scanner!!!  

2 May 2023

Number 90!!!

Well here we are!!!  

Janet has sent in her aliens and here's the link to what she has to say.

Thank you, Janet.

1 May 2023

Monday Moan

Please would designers think about the amount of pages their designs take up AND how many instructions they actually need to write down.  I know I've done this moan before but I feel it's worth going over again. 

I've recently been looking at a pattern which is 32 pages long and would cost a fortune in inks (lots of dark backgrounds) and paper to print out (let's try saving our planet).   If I had been asked to write this simple generic pattern down it would take 3 pages (maybe 4) to describe, draw and present.  New tatters need to learn the craft thoroughly before venturing into designing.  Starting with researching what has gone before.

Another thing that's worrying me now is that due to YouTube people are now using other designer's patterns to show 'how to make' a design (hopefully with full permission given).  I've watched one or two of these and feel we're doing our craft no favours at all.  Why? We're teaching people to follow like sheep and not have to think.  This is the same for some of the patterns that are being sold online too. Pages and pages telling and showing how and when to turn or reverse the work but not necessarily writing it down in the pattern instructions.  Again this is going to lead to laziness in understanding how and why the lace 'works'.

My biggest moan of ALL for today is that these patterns NEVER give you a comfort break!!!! I know - I'm being silly now but soon they will be including instructions on how and when to take that break too!!!!   Too many instructions will lead to the death of tatted lace and  our brains too.

Must stop now - I need a comfort break and another cup of tea!!!!  A picture of some pretty flowers I saw on a walk the other day.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.