11 July 2009

A busy but not much tatting day in tat land

I've got absolutely nothing to show today. That's not to say I'm not working on a project but it'll take several days. Probably get it finished over the weekend IF I can resolve the problem of the hawthorne tree first!!

Don't you just hate those days when you start a horrid but relatively simple job and it escalates?

There I was trimming the tree in the garden which I hate doing (I have to use long handled pruners and it makes my neck ache). I had made a great start when Nick came along and said 'why don't you chop the tree down'? The sparrows love the hawthorne but they've deserted us and haven't visited now for about two years. The tree is dead in the centre, never flowers and takes the sun off part of the garden.

So, out came the saws and five hours later the tree was down and mostly in the re-cycling bin!!! We had to borrow another bin from a neighbour and there's still another few hours clipping to do.

So, that's where yesterday went. Wonder what today holds?

10 July 2009

New thread

I don't often get excited about new metallic thread but this one is absolutely fantastic.

It is a new line from Lyn Morton at Tatting and Design.

It's called Nakis Simi and the colour is Bakir. There are other colours too. A goldy one, red (well more of a maroon), green, blue and silver. I've only got small samples of the other colours but I'm going to HAVE to order the silver and gold today.

It tats (shuttle, of course!) brilliantly but gives the look of wire tatting and feels a bit 'wire ish'. If you look at the picots they all 'stand up' beautifully. I never use a picot gauge so these are all 'eyeballed'.

I love it. Gotta make more stuff with it now!!!

9 July 2009

Ooops, nearly forgot!!

Nearly forgot to scan these to show you what they look like in a ring!!!

7 July 2009

The last bracelet?

Now this could be the last bracelet for a while!!!

I hadn't got a pink one and I was told a bit of a secret that led me to believe that it might be useful to have a pink one for later this year!!!

Could be something to do with somewhere I'm teaching in September!!!!

6 July 2009

Another day, another heart!

Here's one done in purple and white.

I'm going to make more of these as they fit well into a ring too!!! I'll show you them tomorrow.

Ummmmm, when I've found them again and scanned them.

5 July 2009

A change of heart

I'm having a change of heart.

No, don't worry - nothing very much. I've spent some time this past week changinig this page and making alterations to the working of the pattern.

I hope it's now easier to understand!! It is now a 'one hit wonder' with a better tatted centre.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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