25 February 2017

I did it - I'm 100

No, you daft moos. Not 100 years old although I've felt like it this past week. 

What I mean is we've reached 100 Crinoline Lady TIAS's finished and on the TIAS blog. Thanks everybody - I'm truly delighted.

I'd still welcome more and my next 'me' target is 110!! Well you've got to have aspirations, haven't you?

24 February 2017

Today's the day and this is the reason!

Later today I'm going to let the Pop A Bobbin Shuttles go 'live' in my Etsy shop which is here. The reason for this is because our local Post Office opens on a Sunday so I can get them on their way that day. Tomorrow (Saturday) the Post Office stops sending parcels out at 12 noon so I may get a few on their way before then.  It's lovely and quiet this time of the year in the Post Office - particularly on a Sunday. It's not far from 'THE' Birthplace so it does tend to get very crowded each week day.

Also in the Etsy shop is a large selection of button brooches, a few butterfly pins and some bags which are very useful for tatting supplies. 

I've added these as they're small articles to add to the packet if you should so wish. They're bright and (I think) beautiful and I've added a few 'taster' pictures below for you to see.

23 February 2017

A new necklace

Well it was a new one when I bought it from a charity shop. It's a Marks and Spencer's Per Una one and I got it for almost £4. It's drop dead UGLY but the rings are really solid. The construction of the necklace was really well done with very good metal used.

I've taken it apart (it was a heck of a struggle) and now have to decide what to do with the 25 rings I've salvaged!!! I've got an idea but I'm waiting for BC3 to decide what he thinks is best.

21 February 2017

More Mochila

Finally progress but it's not been plain sailing at all!!!! 

I'm pretty pleased with it now, though. It's sloooooow work as the tension of the 'hidden' threads has to be adjusted every few stitches but that's fine.

20 February 2017

More shuttles and more

Well I'm in a strange 'mood' at the moment!  Sort of down in the dumps. I spent a lot of time yesterday taking proper photos of the brooches I've been making and packaging them. When I'd finished I got so down as they didn't look as good as I imagined they should. DARN IT - I know what's wrong - I should've used REAL diamonds instead of beads.  

Anyway, I'm going to take BC3 in hand and get him through these dumps and will list some of them in the Etsy shop. I'm hoping to have the pins I've made ready for listing too. Butterfly pins. They look (like the brooches) fantastic in real life but I'm not sure how they'll look when I've taken photos. 

Oh, I've also got a lot of Pop A Bobbin Shuttles to put in the Etsy shop too. Below is a list of what I've got.

2 EBONY £22.50
3 ZEBRANO £20.00 
2 PURPLE HEART £20.00 
1 PURPLE HEART £20.00 without a hook
1 APPLE £18.00
2 CHERRY £18.00

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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