11 January 2007

Swimming with Dolphins

I'm SO pleased with this that I'm going to have to make more!!!! I used my dolphin pattern with a variagated blue and plain blue no. 70 (or 80) threads wound onto the shuttles together. This works out as 'just about' the same as a no. 20. I've used a single thread for the sea/waves at the top and bottom and added beads to give the dolphin itself a bit of 'glitz' as if the water is glistening on his body. My big thanks to the ebay customer who asked for a dolping suncatcher. I shall list more of these as they get made.

10 January 2007

At Last

The heart is finished. Well, perhaps one less ds on each side between R8 & R9 on the one side and R12 & R13 on the other side but that's just about all that needs sorting. What a struggle this heart was. I've decided NOT to tat it onto the ring as I go because it would spoil the lovely clear line that the beads on the core thread of the chains make. I shall tie it in later with invisible thread and this will even out the 'lopsided' look to the two chains at the top. I haven't blocked and pressed it yet!! I just love the invisible thread that I bought from Walmart. I may even try to tat something with it - with beads on. Ah, earrings. There's an idea. Hmmmmmm. Next is a dolphin in a ring for a friend who's asked for one - I shall add beads to show water glistening off it's skin. I may do two and pop one up on ebay. That will be easy tatting today, I guess. Then the next project? Hmmm, a few patterns to tidy up and then a major one that I've been thinking about for six months.

9 January 2007

New Name for the Heart

Not quite so hateful heart!!! Well, it's getting better at last!!!!! I got rid of ALL the SR's at the side and 'tweaked' the ds counts all over. Still a bit 'bulgy' but I think I can rid it of that with another tryout this evening. It's the two chains between the lower side rings and the side SCMR's that need attention. I may even do away with the lower SCMR's and try an SR with a ring on the second side - OR just a ring there. Beginning to ALMOST like it now. I still like the beads on the core thread in the chains. Sort of outlines the edges well. Sorry about the thread but there were two shuttles with this variagated yellow on (Manuela) and red beads at the side of my chair. That's the last two shuttles full of that thread BUT the new Flora variagated one that I've not started yet is even prettier. Not sure what colours I shall use on the 'final' version of the heart.

I've just finished re-drawing the heart, altering the ds count and changing two SCMR's for two R's. The order in which it is worked has now been changed drastically too. Wonder if it'll work out to be better? Only time will tell!!! New drawing below.

8 January 2007

Back to the heart in a ring problem!

I'm now going to be very firm with myself and go back to the heart in a ring. As usual the chair where I sit and tat is surrounded with threads, beads and all the necessary paraphernalia needed to tat. Oh, including the laptop which I have on my lap while noting the text of the item I'm working on. So I've just been down there looking around for the heart which got put down somewhere in the middle of the 'mess'!!! The last version. Found it - not lost after all!!! Great!!! Now, where's the ring it was going into? Hmmmm, is that the one with the fish in it? Guess it is!!! Good I've found another ring - too large - BUT should I now make the heart larger to fit in this ring or smaller to fit in the original one (now being lived in by a fish)?
Back upstairs and I've scanned the heart with the rings placed on top of it. Hmmmm. This could JUST be another useful idea to use in the designing process. Right - off to use the one on the right with the smaller ring to see if it'll help me adjust the drawing and the text - back later ................

Now I've re-drawn and altered the text again and I hope this will be a bit nearer to what I'm looking to achieve (see below). I placed the second scan above in a lower layer of my drawing program and then traced over it and squeezed it in a little whilst doing this. The problem is that each small alteration (adding or taking away a couple of ds) throws so much out of place. It can shift the movement in the centre of the heart to make it become distorted. What I've done this time is again remove one of the side SR's (I tried this once before - http://tinyurl.com/wz8tt). I've also taken out ds on the SCMR's 6, 9, 7 and 18 to see if that will help. Two ds have also been taken out of each side of R14. All I have to do now is re-work it again!!!!!!!!!!
Tat's it - I'm out of butterflies. Bored with making them now and also itching to get back to the heart again. Well, tat's what I'm telling myself - we'll see what this evening brings!!!! Off to list these three on ebay. They really look a lot prettier in real life than in the pictures.

7 January 2007

Still in butterfly making mood. Three more yesterday afternoon/evening and hopefully some more this afternoon/evening. The weather is dire so I probably won't make my daily walk again today. HATE being stuck in all day. Anyway, here they are. I'm just going to list the five I've done on ebay along with some more Aero shuttles.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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