11 January 2007

Swimming with Dolphins

I'm SO pleased with this that I'm going to have to make more!!!! I used my dolphin pattern with a variagated blue and plain blue no. 70 (or 80) threads wound onto the shuttles together. This works out as 'just about' the same as a no. 20. I've used a single thread for the sea/waves at the top and bottom and added beads to give the dolphin itself a bit of 'glitz' as if the water is glistening on his body. My big thanks to the ebay customer who asked for a dolping suncatcher. I shall list more of these as they get made.


Tatskool said...

He's absolutely boooootiful!
What's next for the ring treatment I wonder.

Tattycat said...

Jane, this absolutely took my breath away when the picture came up! You are so clever!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is really beautiful!!

I have a question...is it compulsory to flip the thread when tat? I've been trying to flip but not possible. I'm using 2 shuttles.


TATBiT said...

Sweet Jane, I love this design, so cute! Anytime you can make a mobile out of tatting is a good time. Great save on the heart, too! tatbit

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