9 January 2007

New Name for the Heart

Not quite so hateful heart!!! Well, it's getting better at last!!!!! I got rid of ALL the SR's at the side and 'tweaked' the ds counts all over. Still a bit 'bulgy' but I think I can rid it of that with another tryout this evening. It's the two chains between the lower side rings and the side SCMR's that need attention. I may even do away with the lower SCMR's and try an SR with a ring on the second side - OR just a ring there. Beginning to ALMOST like it now. I still like the beads on the core thread in the chains. Sort of outlines the edges well. Sorry about the thread but there were two shuttles with this variagated yellow on (Manuela) and red beads at the side of my chair. That's the last two shuttles full of that thread BUT the new Flora variagated one that I've not started yet is even prettier. Not sure what colours I shall use on the 'final' version of the heart.

I've just finished re-drawing the heart, altering the ds count and changing two SCMR's for two R's. The order in which it is worked has now been changed drastically too. Wonder if it'll work out to be better? Only time will tell!!! New drawing below.

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Yorkie Sue's Tatting said...

"Ring around my Heart"

SueH - yer know I am good at the naming of yer bits :-)

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Happy Beaks
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