13 May 2022

Kitchen towel

When I was wandering through Poundland some months ago I spotted they were selling cotton yarn.  Only £1.50 for a decent sized ball.  

Obviously you know what happened next!!!  One (no, two!) fell into my basket and that was the end of that!!!

About 15/20 years ago we were visiting Nick's son and family in Cincinnati and in the kitchens people had small 'finger towels' hanging from their oven handles.  We decided that was a splendid idea and we bought some from a family member who made them out of regular towering and crocheted a top for the hanging part.  

These have now finally worn out!!!  I've made two replacements in the past and have made this new one as a gift (don't know who will get it) and as an excuse to try out the yarn.  I'm really, really pleased with the quality of the yarn and one ball made this towel.  

12 May 2022

Two more lost patterns!

Thanks to Sue. In fact MANY thanks to Sue who's found two more escaped patterns! 

I've no idea what or when these went missing but they certainly did. 

The Tattysaurus was designed back in 2000 and although another person copied the idea this one is the original and hers is a mere shadow!!! Based on what we know here as 'Indian bracelets/bangles' the Tattysaurus took many many hours to design.  I’d better give you the link!!! 

The other missing pattern which Sue found too is a Christmas tree which was designed in 2008. This pattern can be an earring or a brooch.  Again here’s the link for that one.

10 May 2022

Two free patterns today

What I'm NOT good at is keeping track of stuff.  A comment was made on a Facebook group the other day by somebody looking for any 3D patterns.  I've got the flower fairy here, flowers here and here with another one here too.

There are baskets and boxes here as well!!!  There are probably more too but the only one I really wanted to share seemed to have disappeared from sight on the link pages!!!  No IDEA where the 3D teddybear had got to over the years!!!  He's an old chap now but I really loved this guy when I did him.  I found him lurking around on the internet and the only thing missing was his link on the Odds and Ends page.  He's now back but I've no idea who to thank for nudging BC3's cells into finding him again.

I've given up waiting for dragons to arrive from the TIAS!!!  More would be very welcome but I'm a patient person.  Here's the link to the full pattern.

9 May 2022

May 8th 2006

Yesterday was my anniversary.  Back in 2006 I made my first post and that was quite a big adventure for me.  

Thanks to the folks who take the time to read my ramblings and who click on the adverts which generate a small amount of money.  That money funds the pattern pages which are here.

Just out of curiosity I looked at the stats on the site last week and was surprised to find that I'd been so busy!!!

I tend to blog rather than 'do' Facebook as stuff on that platform gets lost in the morass.  If I put things on the blog I can look back and find what I did and when I did it.  Not that I need to often but it's good when I need to.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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