8 May 2006

What AM I doing here?

Monday morning and I ask myself what I'm doing with a blog!!!! Probably cause it's raining and there's nowt else to do!!!!
Well, as I'm here I might as well admit to my latest piece of work - this motif!!!
Tat's all there is for now!!


Anonymous said...

well Jane you could go check the water butt???

It's looking good sweetie :-)
Yer ol'mucker, Sue

Gina said...

Lovely, as usual!
What's next????

:-) Gina

muskaan said...

Isn't this your Chicken Wing Coaster or perhaps a precursor to that ? Lovely coaster.

Jane Eborall said...

No, long before the chickens were born, muskaan! The pattern is on my site somewhere!

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Happy Beaks
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