19 November 2011

Jane's Butterfly

Before I start - don't forget that my Ebay tatting book listings finish later today.  My user name is janeeborall.

Do you remember when Terry Nimmer came up with his idea of floating chains?

Well, Jane McLelland has been playing with the idea too.  

Here is the link for the pattern for the butterfly which is in my Guest Designer section on my pattern page.  I'm hoping she'll show us the pattern for the flower (right side, top picture) too in time.  Clever lass is that one.

18 November 2011

More fiddling with the web site.

Another session on the web pages!!!
This time a good sorting out of the links page which has now moved over to another server!!  Why?  Well cause I find it easier to use than the other one!!!  

So a lot of links have been removed because they were either redundant or just 'not there anymore'.  This means that I now have room for more.  If you have a blog or web site that you want added then do please shout!!!  Tell me the name you want it listed under (which might not be your 'real' name) and the url.  I guess I could go through my blog roll and do it but I'm easily confused and I might add people who don't want to be there.

Oh, here's the new url but it can be reached from my front page (near the bottom)

16 November 2011

Lock join

Again during all the 'refurbishment' of the web site I realised that several things were 'missing' and should be either replaced or sorted out first.
One of the things I suddenly realised 'wasn't there' is a technique page for the lock join.  Actually I was working on another join before I realised that the dear old lock join wasn't there!!!

I then thought about 'categorizing' all the tips and techniques on that page too so have tried to put all the joining ones together.  I may have to sub divide this page too!!!  Where does it all end, eh?

15 November 2011


Whilst doing the reorganisation of the web site I realised I need to re-visit a few of the patterns.  As you know this is an ongoing job because when I started in on this publishing my daft ideas - things were very different.  There was no real 'standard' of annotation so it was all a bit 'airy fairy'.  

Since being chosen to teach at Palmetto Tat Days I have been basing most of my annotation on their guidelines in the hope that this would become the 'standard'.  So from time to time I'm going back and doing the older patterns (well, my favourites, at least!) in a more understandable way. 

Here's the snowman in all his glory and re-done.

14 November 2011

Listed on Ebay

I have three tatting books listed on Ebay this week - in case you haven't found them!!!  My ebay ID is simple - just janeeborall!!!  Just go to the 'buy' section and 'advanced' and put in seller ID and you should find them.

I never believe in hiding behind another name - those who are chasing me would always find me cause I can't keep my mouth shut!!!!

Is there anybody 'out there' who's got ten minutes to spare to try something out for me?  Won't take long but I'd appreciate a few minutes.  It's an advanced technique which I'm trying to do for the web site but in simplifying it I may have made it more complicated!!!  That would be typical of me!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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