19 March 2021


Here are a couple more additions that I’ve made for the Etsy shop which I’ll reactivate sometime at the weekend.  It’s actually nice to have another project on the go and one that I’ve got lots of choice on what I make next!!!

Yvonne also sent in two more foxes which you can find here.

18 March 2021

Life after the poncho

I am lost.  I realise that I can't cope without a long term project so I've set off on another self imposed challenge!!!  
This time I've decided to re-start my Etsy shop again.

I’m not earning enough from the advertisements on this blog to cover the cost of the pattern site and it’s a self imposed challenge to cover that by earning from my craft.  I don’t ‘need’ to but it sort of makes sense to my weird BC3!!!  

This time I’m doing tiddly little things aiming at card makers, scrapbookers, quilters etc.  Here’s a start!!!

16 March 2021


I’m now happy with the poncho.  BUT, Houston, I have a problem!!!
I think you may want to see the whole thing in all it’s ‘glory’ but that’s where my problem lies.  I would happily model it but I need a photographer.  As we’re still in lockdown and my able assistant commonly known as ‘im indoors (not to be confused with ‘im in the garage who belongs to Sally) can’t take a photo due to health problems then I’m stuck until I can find a neighbour who’s willing on a sunny but not windy day when we can do it outside.  

So, when all the stars are aligned I’ll ask somebody to help but meanwhile here’s the final neck row.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.