16 September 2022

Straining the brain!!!!

This is the first part (and part of the second part) of the doily called ‘Tatted Garland’ from Erika’s book ‘Tatting Lace, Marmelo’.

I’m so glad I’ve got a few years experience with front/back side tatting as I feel this really needs to be made that way.  I’m not a ‘fan’ particularly of this way of tatting but it does make a big difference.  To do this round you really have to be ‘on your toes’!!!

Thoroughly enjoyable, though.

15 September 2022

Bracelet talk

It always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when people actually understand and work my designs.  Never fails.  Here are a couple more of these bracelets that Kay Lynn has made.  This is what she said when she sent in the first photo.

“Just a quick note with a photo of a bracelet I just finished (using your pattern).  Fun to make so I want to make a couple more (as gifts) with different colors.  Thanks for sharing your designs.”

I then asked Kay Lynn if I could turn her message into a blog post and she thankfully said ‘yes’.  So here’s her second message and another bracelet!!!

“Of course you may make this into a blog post.  I'm glad you like the colours!  Here's a slightly different version that I made for myself (and I'm wearing it on the back side since I like that just as well as the front side).”

14 September 2022

The last of the flowers

These tiny ones don’t have another colour in them but that’s what the pattern says!!! 

There’s something so relaxing about following a pattern.  No real ‘thinking’ needed - just sit and do as you’re told.  Wish that applied to the rest of life although that might be boring!!!

12 September 2022

Monday’s ‘not a moan’!!!

That caught you out!!!  No, not a moan but something very interesting - well, to me!!!  
My BC3 started wondering when I saw Gail Weaver’s interpretation of a Piecework pattern which you can find here.

I was intrigued with it because to me it ‘grated’ on my poor brain cells.  I contacted Gail and she gave me the piecework link that she’d worked from and it was the same.  

Now why did it make my BC3 get agitated?  Simply because I’ve never seen chains which don’t all face the outside of the finished piece.  Gail did a SPLENDID job of drawing this pattern up but it doesn’t show that the chains vary in the directions the heads of the stitches face.  Her worked up piece follows the original precisely and I know that if I ever worked this pattern I’d ‘need’ to have all the chains facing the same way with the odd SS thrown in where needed.

It’s very difficult to explain with the attached pictures but I’ve tried to put red arrows to show you the chains which annoy my BC3.  Both pieces show that the chains are trying to turn on themselves too.  Now I wonder if the original designer just didn’t know how to get all the chains facing outwards or whether it was deliberate.  I also wonder if it was simply that designer or a ‘fashion’ of the time - or probably he/she just didn’t know about switching shuttles.  I’ve never seen this before but would love to know if anybody else has.  

It’s astonishing what my stupid little brain comes up with from time to time!!!  I hope this will generate a discussion and would like to thank Gail for tolerating my messages and letting me bring this to your attention.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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