14 July 2012


Just a reminder that there will be a dozen shuttles in my Etsy shop later today.  I'll let them 'go live' at 8pm BST.  Happy hunting!!!

Remember these earrings (below) that Valerie sent me?  Well she tells me that they're from  Lijiang, Yunnan in China. They are the traditional embroidery of the Lisu tribe. 

Today's the day when they'll get their first outing and tomorrow will be their second.  Can't WAIT.

13 July 2012

The other Fandango Boomark!

Now here's the other bookmark as mentioned in this post here

Again this was worked in a size 70 or 80 variegated tatting thread and with the same sewing thread as before too.  But, can you see the difference in size between the yellow and the red?  I can't think why this has happened except that one must've been a 70 and the other an 80.  The tension is exactly the same.  Isn't that strange that they should be so different?  I honestly didn't think that there would be much between a 70 and an 80 - well you live and learn!!

I quite like the little star shape at the end of the tail too.  All I did was use the centre of this motif and changed it very, very slightly.

12 July 2012

A story!

This is a story of a wonderful gift.  This came from Val in Singapore.  We've been online buddies for a time now and Sally met up with Val when she was over in Singapore in June.  They went shopping.  When I say shopping I mean SHOPPING!!!!  

Val sent home (via Sally) a wonderful box of goodies for me to play with.  Can you see the contents in the top photo?  There are big beads, small beads, wooden ones and crystal ones.  Bright and beautiful.  Then there are two reels of Sulky thread and a thingamajig to make whatsits which I've got to work out how to use!!!  There are findings and charms and many many other things - BUT just LOOK at the picture beneath.  Those earrings are just plain stunning.  The colours zingadingding.  I'm going to wear them at the weekend as I'm going to two small gatherings.  They may even frighten the rain away with their brightness - well I can but hope!!!  

11 July 2012

Pop a Bobbin News

I will be listing the following in the Etsy shop here on Saturday at 8pm (BST).  

I think 'im in the garage has been having fun this time!!!  There's one of each of the following in different woods!!  He usually makes two or three of each wood but this time I think he's been playing!!!  

For those of you going to Palmetto Tat Days in September I'm pleased to say that you'll be able to see, touch and BUY the shuttles there.  Sally and I are taking a good supply of them with us.

Pop a bobbins all with hooks.
Zebrano 1
Yew 1
Olivewood 1
Pear 1
Cherry 1
Apple 1
Oregon Myrtle 1
Cocobolo Rosewood 1
Oak 1
Ebony 1
Maple 1
American Black Walnut 1
Purple Heart 1

Hooks with Hats (0.4mm)
Teak 2
Zebrano 1

10 July 2012

Fandango Bookmark

Now next weekend I'm off to a housewarming party round the corner.  This time I can't really give them a bottle of wine as the people who's party it is gave ME a bottle a couple of weeks ago!!!  SO kind of them as I'd done very little to help them in my opinion.  

Anyway, I thought about things and decided that probably they'd each like a bookmark.  Here's the first one.

This is done with two strands of HWT.  One is a sewing thread (plain) which I bought on a trip to America some years ago.  The other is a variegated (old) number 70 (or thereabouts) thread.  There's something satisfying with HWT as it gives a totally different look to 'ordinary' variegated threads.

Oh, the pattern is here.  It's the Fandango bookmark.

9 July 2012

I can't resist earrings!

I know some of  you are going to groan when you see another pair (nearly finished) like these but there are two reasons for making another reddish pair.  Well, that's my excuse!!!

Reason number one is that I wanted to have an 'all red' pair.

Reason number two is because I wanted to try adding more beads over the button.  In the last pair there were 'two beads per picot over button' but in this pair I've added four to each one coming up through the button hole.  This makes this pair really shiny.  

Now ALL I've got to do is add the shepherd's crook findings and I'll be the smartest gal in town!!!!

Sorry, amend the last sentence as I'm well past my 'sell by' date and should've put old git instead of gal!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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