6 February 2010


On Thursday we went shopping.  

On the way from one town to another we stopped at a bead outlet.  Nothing like the ones you get in America - NO WAY.  This was a place out in the country and the shop itself is in a barn.   Well, it's got doors and windows but it's small.  There again - do you need a huge place for small beads (and buttons)!!!!

I'll show you what I bought.  There's a string of what look like Swarovski beads which are SO pretty.  Then there are the funny tag things which I designated as 'useful'!!!!!  Then there are the beads.  I know you can  hardly see them but believe me they are drop dead gorgeous.  And they're square.  I don't think I've ever seen square beads before.  I got a tub of these blackish ones and one of an opaque white.  Really pleased with both sorts.


First (and I hope not the last!!) in today is from Liz in AUSTRALIA who says:-
"Hi Jane.  I finished the Rooster and whilst it’s not as flash as the other ones, I’m still quite pleased with it."

Next fluttering into the coup is from Sonja in THE NETHERLANDS who says:-
"here are my rooster, hen and 2 chickens.  We eated 2 eggs before they were a chicken, only 2 eggs changed in chickens   Glimlach Emoticon

5 February 2010

Whooops a daisy!!!!

If I didn't have friends like Riet I think I'd be wandering this earth like a 'lost soul'!!!  

She reminded me that I'd got another Palmetto pattern which I'd forgotten to put on the site!!!  

Now when you see it (IF you can find it!!) you'll see why.

This is a pattern for a very, very small snail.  One that you could use to put on cards etc.  I actually 'planted' them in people's salads at the Palmetto banquet so there's another idea too.  Anyway, he's up on the site now and I've put him under 'doodles'!!!!

3 February 2010

A new technique page.

I could kick myself.  OK, a lot of you out there could probably kick me too.  YIKES, I'd have a sore backside if you all did that!!!!

I forgot to mention yesterday that there's another page on the site which is well worth looking at.  No, I'll change that last sentence.  I didn't mention it on purpose yesterday because I didn't want you to miss it!  

A couple of weeks ago Patty Dowden popped into my inbox with yet another idea for making the SSSR.  

I've tried it and it works a treat.

So, with Patty's permission I've added her page to the site.  

2 February 2010

Palmetto patterns, bluebirds and gossip.

The patterns I taught at Palmetto are now up on my site!  I've had permission from the girls in SC to put them up BUT I can thoroughly recommend that you still buy the CD with ALL the teacher's patterns on.  It's exceptionally good value for money with some stunning patterns on.  If you go here and look you can see what each teacher taught and then you'll understand what I'm talking about.  

I thought it was about time to get them up as I see that they are now calling for teachers for this year.  

I also made up a couple more birds to list in my Etsy store.  They're the 'blue birds of happiness'.  I'd never heard of them before but Georgia suggested it.    From what I can find out it's from the thrush family and she sent me this picture.

Thank you to everybody who commented on my post of yesterday.  I feel fine about not getting the claps at blood donor or the certificate.  Thank you all in tat land - without you guys life would be very tedious.

1 February 2010

A sad story!

I've just remembered that it's a week ago since I had a sad day.  

I'd spent a long time preparing and tatting bookmarks for that day.  They were for gifts.  

What was the occasion?  My 75th.  NO, not birthday - 75th blood donation.  For years and years the same nurses have been in the church hall where it 'happens' and they always love the wee butterflies (the 5 ring SCMR ones) I give them on each visit.  One year (think it might've been my 50th donation) I gave them tatted hearts.  

So this was a big occasion, my 75th, and I'd decided it would be my last time so thus a decent gift was needed and made.  That was the reason I designed these butterflies.

So, off I trotted to the donation centre - a brisk ten minute walk away.  Shortly after my arrival and bang on my appointment time I was called for my 'interview' and soon after we'd sat down the lady suddenly beetled off (she'd spotted the number 74 at the top of my sheet).  Back she came with disappointment number one.

"We haven't got any certificates with us today so you'll have to wait til next time."  You get a badge when you've given 10, 25, 50 and 75 donations and also a certificate at 75.  I was SO sad and I explained that this was to be my last visit so she said she'd arrange for one to be sent to me in the post.

Then we went onto the finger prick test.  I failed - disappointment number 2!!!!  The blood wouldn't sink in the test jar.  So, onto a phial full to put in the machine.  I waited, waited, waited and eventually even the machine rejected me.  .25 down.  A measly .25 down.  It's been a LOT worse than that in the past!!

So I went round and gave away my butterflies and said goodbye to them all (well, I may have to go back next time to get a frigging certificate if it doesn't come in the post).  

I've been at sessions only once where somebody got a 75 award and they got a CLAP from everybody (at least 20 people excluding staff).  I wasn't even offered a cup of tea and a biscuit for mine!!!!  I sulked out of the place  and went for a walk instead.

The third and FINAL insult is that the next day my arm was bruised.  BRUISED after a measly, tiddly, tiny bit of blood taken for their wretched machine!!!!!  The first time I've EVER been bruised in 75 arms full.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Anyway, to conclude this sad story - I sulked about it for almost a whole hour and then turned it into a joke against myself.  Well, what else do you do when life socks you one, eh?  

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Happy Beaks
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