3 February 2010

A new technique page.

I could kick myself.  OK, a lot of you out there could probably kick me too.  YIKES, I'd have a sore backside if you all did that!!!!

I forgot to mention yesterday that there's another page on the site which is well worth looking at.  No, I'll change that last sentence.  I didn't mention it on purpose yesterday because I didn't want you to miss it!  

A couple of weeks ago Patty Dowden popped into my inbox with yet another idea for making the SSSR.  

I've tried it and it works a treat.

So, with Patty's permission I've added her page to the site.  


IsDihara said...

Ooh, these tutorial pages (both Dowden and Takeda) are so clear and easy to understand! Thank you Jane for posting them. I still have to master this technique.

Anonymous said...

Like what I see! Have used the Takeda SSSR and I want to play with this one. Thank you Jane and Patty. Karen in OR

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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