5 February 2010

Whooops a daisy!!!!

If I didn't have friends like Riet I think I'd be wandering this earth like a 'lost soul'!!!  

She reminded me that I'd got another Palmetto pattern which I'd forgotten to put on the site!!!  

Now when you see it (IF you can find it!!) you'll see why.

This is a pattern for a very, very small snail.  One that you could use to put on cards etc.  I actually 'planted' them in people's salads at the Palmetto banquet so there's another idea too.  Anyway, he's up on the site now and I've put him under 'doodles'!!!!


Valerie said...

cute little critters... i feel like following in the snails' path now. it's all your fault, jane! lol

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Very cute Jane! It's amazing what just a few double stitches will make.

Typstatting said...

Sooooo cute and small!!!! will definately make some have a few ideas on what to sew them on.

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Happy Beaks
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