25 October 2008

Shot in the foot?

I posted about my opinions on pricing of handmade goods and wondered what would happen. This post is simply an update.

Before I posted my last message on pricing I looked at my 'watchers' list on ebay. I noticed that there was 1 'watcher' on one item. Fine - not unusual at that stage of a listing (2 days into a 7 day auction/buy it now). For those who are not sellers on ebay I must explain that if you sell and somebody is interested they can 'watch' the progress of a listing to see what bids are being made and decide whether they want to bid (or not) in due course.

Anyway I did think that when I went back to look again about 48 hours after my blog posting that there might be a few more watchers - people who do what I often do - 'watch' items just to see 'who does what'. That's fine and as a seller too it's something I'm used to seeing and knowing it also doesn't mean the item will sell!!! Imagine my surprise when the 'watch' list hadn't changed. The visits counters vary between 11 and 64 so folks have 'dropped in', looked and gone away!!! The same happens in Etsy although you don't get a 'people watching' facility there (well, not that I've noticed!) but you do get a 'visits' counter.

So, what does it mean? Am I trying to sell something that nobody wants? Have I upset people by being honest about my pricing OR am I living in cloud cuckoo land by even trying?!?!?!? Other thoughts are that people might be busy, I might have listed in the wrong 'category' or that I'm too early for Christmas stuff!!!!!

The worst scenario is that it's just not what people want to buy!!!!!!! So, shot in the foot? Perhaps but it's been fun doing it!!! No pain though as I am thick skinned and simply a 'mad old git in the UK'!!!!!

24 October 2008

What a difference a friend makes

As you know I was never happy with the dangly flower but thanks to Teri Dusenbury who wrote and made a suggestion, I've now changed my mind (and changed their 'stalks')!!!

What Teri suggested was bookmark hooks. I'd been searching for egg hangers but all I ever found were ones with bases. Obviously these were no good.

The only bookmark hooks I'd ever seen had little butterflies (enamelled, I think) on the ends and that was twenty years ago. So after Teri wrote I looked around and found
this site in the UK and they had exactly the right ones.

Thanks, Teri. I'm VERY grateful. They've turned manky looking gifts into super ones.

23 October 2008

Busy, busy, busy!!!

I've finally managed to squeeze in a few minutes to add some Christmas tree earrings and brooches to my ebay site. It will be interesting to see if anybody bids on these items as I've 'told it straight'.

I'm sick of people under valuing handmade goods. They would rather pay double the price for things which come off a production line! I work out my prices to try and make a bit of money but even as I've priced them on Ebay and Etsy I'm not anywhere near working for a minimum wage. I know my time is my own and that I choose to do this and don't have to make a living from it but I always feel mildly insulted about how I de-value myself in order to sell. However if I put craftsman's rates on my goods I know full well that I'd never sell a sausage. I would welcome any comments that you have on my ebay listings as that's where I've had my little 'say'!!!!

There - I've had my little 'rant' so now I'll climb back into my cave along with shuttles, threads and beads!!!!

22 October 2008

Another tatted brooch!

I thought I'd do one for myself this time. Nick bought me a new winter coat last week and it's brown. This one will go on the coat.

The pattern is VERY simple and if anybody wants it please ask - here are a few split rings involved. The button is 1" in diameter and this would work for any button of that size with four holes.

I think that over the next few days I'm going to list some more Christmas tree brooches and earwigs but this time on Ebay. Not sure, though. I'll keep you posted!!!

I MIGHT, just MIGHT have another visit from brain cell # 3 and if that happens I'll be off on another idea for my Palmetto teaching submission. I had a postcard from him yesterday saying that he might 'drop in' for a cup of tea and a chat!!!!

21 October 2008

Mother of Pearl brooch

Sherry's post on her MOP buttons reminded brain cell number 3 that a friend down the road had kindly given me a few to 'play' with ages ago so I dug them out!!! Here's the one I did for her.
So simple to do but I think it's quite pretty too. I wanted it to sort of 'cup' the button but not hide it in any way. This is the result with no 'ugly' threads covering it either. Note the blue beads which lie just on the edge although not attached in any way.

20 October 2008

Final dangly flower!!!

This is the final one. Since this I've actually stiffened them all slightly and they do look a lot better. I MAY get to like them one day!!!

Tomorrow I'll have something different to show!!!

19 October 2008

Now for a purplish one!

Again the pictures aren't too good. I blame the photographer and not the camera!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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