25 October 2008

Shot in the foot?

I posted about my opinions on pricing of handmade goods and wondered what would happen. This post is simply an update.

Before I posted my last message on pricing I looked at my 'watchers' list on ebay. I noticed that there was 1 'watcher' on one item. Fine - not unusual at that stage of a listing (2 days into a 7 day auction/buy it now). For those who are not sellers on ebay I must explain that if you sell and somebody is interested they can 'watch' the progress of a listing to see what bids are being made and decide whether they want to bid (or not) in due course.

Anyway I did think that when I went back to look again about 48 hours after my blog posting that there might be a few more watchers - people who do what I often do - 'watch' items just to see 'who does what'. That's fine and as a seller too it's something I'm used to seeing and knowing it also doesn't mean the item will sell!!! Imagine my surprise when the 'watch' list hadn't changed. The visits counters vary between 11 and 64 so folks have 'dropped in', looked and gone away!!! The same happens in Etsy although you don't get a 'people watching' facility there (well, not that I've noticed!) but you do get a 'visits' counter.

So, what does it mean? Am I trying to sell something that nobody wants? Have I upset people by being honest about my pricing OR am I living in cloud cuckoo land by even trying?!?!?!? Other thoughts are that people might be busy, I might have listed in the wrong 'category' or that I'm too early for Christmas stuff!!!!!

The worst scenario is that it's just not what people want to buy!!!!!!! So, shot in the foot? Perhaps but it's been fun doing it!!! No pain though as I am thick skinned and simply a 'mad old git in the UK'!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane
Probably all these people who visit and don't buy are other tatters like me who drop in to have a look at what you are selling but will be making there own Christmas gifts.

erin said...

Hi, Jane!

You've raised some valid points. Who can tell about folks of late? You know me, though. I adore Christmas bits any time of the year!

Hmm. Off to look at those pretties again.

Erin in Tenn.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

Could it be the present current climate. Most people seem to be running scared if the media is to be believed even a little. Also I'm not sure if it's the same in the U.K. but e-bay has had a lot of bad press at the moment. Maybe the two factors have had some effect on your sales.

Regards, Babette

Martha said...

I think some of the problem reaching the general public may be the sheer volume of merchandise. Tatters may have been aware of your auctions through your blog, or from searching for "tatting", but those folks would likely be making their own gifts, as others have said. But if someone unaquainted with tatting searches for "Christmas earrings", there are thousands of entries. If you search on "handmade Christmas earrings", in the US there are a few auctions at the top of the screen, but then you must scroll down past a lot of ebay store entries to see your tree earrings at the very bottom. Searching on Etsy also brings up a large number of entries, but at least shoppers there are presumed to be more knowledgeable about handicrafts.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Hi, Jane! I just haven't been able to get on the computer much lately. I honestly haven't had much time to visit my favorite Etsy shops, and I really look at Etsy more than eBay any more. Christmas is coming, and I know I need gifts... I'd better take a peek soon!

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