26 October 2008

On a happier subject!!!

Look what arrived in the post yesterday. I really, really needed cheering up after a very difficult Friday - the results of which will be long reaching. Oh to be a tougher person and not such a great big softie.

Anyway, I digress - did I hear somebody say AGAIN?

The little packet on the left below arrived. Look what was in it. Two of the famous Teri Dusenbury turtles. The colours are amazing and the skill is unbelievable. When I showed them to Nick he couldn't believe that they were tatted either.

They are now living with the other three turtles that Teri sent me last year. Thank you SO much, Teri. These turtles will travel with me to all the tatting events I go to.

Now going back to my ramblings about selling tatting - how much would you be willing to pay for one of these dear little turtles? Each one is totally unique and I defy anybody to work out how Teri makes them. Mind, I haven't tried personally because I know full well I couldn't reproduce the quality of them - they are amazing. Each one has it's own personality too.


connie said...

What a lovely gift.
I think Teri's work is priceless.
I have seen her instructions on her site and I am not even brave enough to try.
How nice to be gifted in such a fashion.
Enjoy the gift and the friendship each is precious.

Unknown said...

Those are absolutely beautiful, Jane! Teri is an incredibly talented and impeccable tatter. Lucky you! She really likes you. Everyone likes you though, Jane! :)

tattrldy said...

Wow! I don't think I could afford them. Teri does amazing things!

Jeff Hamilton said...

I don't think I could afford them either. She did have the pattern available for them (not sure if it is up again). I too haven't attempted them. Perhaps if I do, I would pay whatever she wanted for them.

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