30 October 2008

Animal number 2

Hmmmm, just a thought but are the animals coming into Noah's Ark or what!!!

I'm working through my own animal designs first and so at the same time I'm checking the patterns for 'understandability' and mistakes yet again!!!

It's actually great to be sitting and 'just tatting' without having to make notes all the time as I go. The way I work is still with the laptop on my lap and a tab in my browser open with the pattern on. I then move the cursor down line by line as I work. Anything I find that I think needs changing I copy and paste into an email message and send it to myself to pick up in the morning. I know that I talk to myself most of the time (although Nick does pretend to listen) so emailing myself is just another symptom of old age and senility - I guess!!!!

I did manage to pin the pattern onto the fabric yesterday and hope to cut it out later today. I have had to add 2" to the length as it's only a 'just below the hip' length jacket and take off almost the same amount off the sleeves. I suffer from short arms!!!

Here's the flamingo.


Hillside Threads said...

Noah's Ark? So does that mean you will be making 2 of everything? I am looking forward to seeing the finished jacket.

By the way I email myself all the time, it saves carrying bits of paper around and I don't have to worry about finding a pen that works!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, I can't wait to see your jacket as you put all the animals on. What a great idea.

I don't think your senile at all. In fact, I do the same thing. If I am out and about and have a thought I want to remember, instead of digging in my purse for paper and pencil to write myself a note, I just pull out my handy cell phone and call my house phone and leave myself a message. LOL! So I am not the only one who leaves messages for themself.

Have a great day!!

Jane Eborall said...

I'm SO glad I'm not the only one to rely on modern technology to keep all my brain cells in order!!
Probably not two of each animal - but there's a lot of me and therefore a lot of jacket to cover!!!

Tattycat said...

All of the recent posts are lovely Jane. I don't know what is wrong with my blogroll thingy. It hasn't been showing me that you were posting. I was about to call out the dogs to find you! I've got to go back and read all of the posts. Sorry!

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