24 January 2015

More of the same!

Day 8 tomorrow!

Well here's another coaster. I'm afraid I'm going through a 'just playing with colours' phase at the moment with no real reason!! I think it's cause the Tat It And See is stopping me concentrating on one thing for very long. 

The thread for this one is Pansy by Yarnplayer (that's the pretty one) along with a plain something or other. Least I THINK I've got that right!!! Not sure what size this is but it's probably 20 but there again it could be 40. Sheeeeesh, I wish I had a brain that could do 'remembering' properly.

Having said that I'm 'just playing' - I am also working on another old pattern on my site as it's one that I love but could never quite explain the final join on the second motif. That's caused me hours of struggling to 'get it right' which I hope I'll eventually manage!!!

23 January 2015

Day 7

Again I haven't anything to show you in the way of tatting. I have been doing some but not as much as usual as I've been busy with the TIAS and out for two days on the run. No, not actually running but out 'doing things'.

This is the link for day 7.  As today's part is short I have decided that Day 8 will be on Sunday.  

22 January 2015

Busy day

Yesterday was wonderfully busy with the TIAS blog so I didn't manage (and forgot!) to get anything prepared for this blog!!! 

BUT I can tell you that Day 6 of the TIAS will be available tomorrow so stand my folks!!!!

21 January 2015

Two old patterns return!

It was kindly brought to my attention by a member of Craftree (still haven't found out whether there's anything happening about the TIAS on the Craftree site - any help, links would be welcome) that two of my patterns probably weren't on my site. 

They were originally hosted by the Ring of Tatters which I've now left. I asked them to take everything of mine off their site as I wasn't happy with it being there.

So the past two days I have been sorting out those 'missing patterns' and they're now available in the 'doodles' section and the 'motifs' section on the pattern pages.  I re-tatted them and re-wrote and drew them too.  That's why yesterday I was glad of a 'quiet' TIAS day!!!  

These are the two patterns that had 'gone on holiday' - a tiny star and a shuttle shape!!!

20 January 2015

First of all - Day 6 will be out tomorrow morning!!!

Now I can't remember ever working a project in size 10 thread. I've always used 20 as it's what I first used as a kid. When Sue Anna generously sent me the last present of HDT there were a few skeins of 10 in the bag.

So I thought it would be an idea to try it out. I'd got the ball of off white which has been lurking in my cupboard for more years than I care to admit so the Chicken Wing Doily called out to me to that it needed an outing. 

What surprised me was that although it didn't look so good to my eyes while I was working it - one quick blast from the iron made it look really good.  I'll certainly be giving size 10 a whirl again another time!!!

So, here it is. The Yarnplayer HDT is called Tourmaline.

19 January 2015


Over the past week or two I've been gradually trying to sort out the tips and techniques pages on my web site which you can find here.

I thought they were confusing so I've sort of categorised them all and put extra pages in to make the whole thing easier to navigate. 

The TIAS is going well - nobody has guess what it is so far. Least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!! Of course I could be teasing!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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