21 January 2015

Two old patterns return!

It was kindly brought to my attention by a member of Craftree (still haven't found out whether there's anything happening about the TIAS on the Craftree site - any help, links would be welcome) that two of my patterns probably weren't on my site. 

They were originally hosted by the Ring of Tatters which I've now left. I asked them to take everything of mine off their site as I wasn't happy with it being there.

So the past two days I have been sorting out those 'missing patterns' and they're now available in the 'doodles' section and the 'motifs' section on the pattern pages.  I re-tatted them and re-wrote and drew them too.  That's why yesterday I was glad of a 'quiet' TIAS day!!!  

These are the two patterns that had 'gone on holiday' - a tiny star and a shuttle shape!!!


God's Kid said...

Those both look great!! :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I adore shuttle shapes!

muskaan said...

Glad you had a relatively quiet day, yesterday :-)

As for Craftree, here is the link to where member participants link their own ongoing TIAS : http://www.craftree.com/patterns/2627
I'm sure as people get more familiar with the site, there will be plenty more project links.

There was also a thread earlier, announcing the date of commencement, but there hasn't been any activity (posts) there lately . Oh, that was started by you, but here's the link nevertheless : http://www.craftree.com/forum/threadfs/11266?page=1#129386

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, muskaan. I get more and more confused with Craftree and when I eventually 'get there' there doesn't seem to be much going on!!!!

muskaan said...

No there isn't. Part of the reason could be that it requires relearning & reorienting when compared to InTatters. It takes time to browse & become familiar. However, it is getting better & better (closer to InTatters), especially with the activity stream showing all current activity. Earlier there were too many clicks required to get to destination.
There are people joining in large numbers, but activity & participation is limited to a very few at present.

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